Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where'd the voters go?

This is a break down of the vote in South Carolina for the republican primary.

Registered Voters: 2,804,231
Ballots Cast: 599,571
Voter Turnout: 21.38 %

Gingrich got 40% of the vote. Romney got 27% of the vote. But of all of the qualified voters that's only 8% for Gingrich and 6% for Romney. If the republicans are hell bent on getting rid of Obama the voters of that state sure don't look like they really care even if the candidates do. Having to pick from that field who can blame them.
Another little tidbit of info I found while researching this. For all the blather about lower taxes South Carolina has some of the highest state taxes in the nation. And South Carolina's state legislature is solidly republican with only one democratic district. Do I smell the republican stench of hypocrisy? I held my nose and went to the republican state web site to see their issues.

Economy - They'd like nothing better than to shrink the government down and drown it in a bath tub failing to realize that in order to have business you need a government to make things run smoothly. Lowering taxes on individuals and corporations while failing to realize that the money pays for roads, airports, hospitals and the like. And with the state taxes being one of the highest you'd think they'd have roads paved with gold.

Regulations - Or should I say no regulations on business because you know government just loves to get in the way of business when it's polluting our air and water. That is unless it concerns a women's health then it's a different story.

National security - Keep pumping money into the military. That makes me wonder how many defense contractors there are in South Carolina. But they mention just training and equipment for the troops and nothing about benefits and treatment after the constant wars. Oh and the fence. Must have a fence along the borders to keep out the Mexicans even though they aren't mentioned by name and I guess Canadians don't seem to matter to them.

Family values - Exactly what the hell that means any more is anyone's guess. This isn't a nation of Ward and June Cleavers of 50 years ago. Seeing as how they picked the poster boy for philanderer of the year I see they overlooked adultery when they were thumping their bibles. It's okay as long as it's man on woman action. Then they bring up religion. They have this unfounded belief that this nation was founded on the bible. It was not. They seem to forget the first amendment to the constitution that states the government shall establish no state religion. The boys back then were smart. They must have realized that would have created all kinds of problems when people from all over the world started coming here and bringing their beliefs with them. That's not to mention the beliefs of our native born who met the pilgrims when Mayflower was pulling into Plymouth. Imagine the scene at a local school if we allowed all religions to do their thing? Muslims on prayer mats. Jews reading from the torah. Holy rollers rolling in the halls. Krishnas chanting. Snake handling and devil worship (hey got to let everyone do their thing). Incense and magic powders with ritual fires and bells and gongs would make for a rather interesting display don't you think?

What they fail to realize is that this nation has taken a very large shift in demographics over the last 30 years. It's no longer the country of white northern european settlers it once was and it will never be that way again. The era of Ozzie and Harriet isn't coming back no matter how much they long for it.


The Blog Fodder said...

Your last paragraph is what it is ALL about. Well spoken.

MRMacrum said...

Defense money is a big deal in South Carolina. From Bloomberg:

Military spending is key to the economic health of South Carolina, which has a 9.9 percent unemployment rate, the eighth- highest in the country. Federal defense expenditures pumped $9 billion into the state, or 5.7 percent of its gross domestic product in fiscal 2009, making the state the 11th most dependent on such work, according to a November Bloomberg Government study based on the latest government figures available.

Because of this, you can bet that Obama will not be spending much time trying to win over this state.

BBC said...

Follow me, I know where I'm going.

Demeur said...

TY Blog Fodder as they say in text speech.

It's been so long since I've been through SC that I can't remember anything other than farmland and tourist traps. There was that exclusive place by the ocean where they played tennis.

No thanks Billy I don't want to go to Hell. :-)

BBC said...

Then why are you there?

S.W. Anderson said...

South Carolina Republicans are just skunked because none of the candidates are far enough to the right, angry, mean spirited and incompetent enough to suit them. Gingrich comes closest so he got the most votes. If he had vowed on his first day in office to have the Obamas deported to Islamastan, he probably would've gotten a lot more votes

Randal Graves said...

How does one type out that thing where you flick your index finger over your lips to indicate a gently detached, non-serial killer lunacy?

Tom Harper said...

South Carolina is the only state I've never been to. I've found plenty of friendly people in supposedly more backward states like Mississippi, but it's hard to picture what South Carolina is like. They keep voting for people like DeMint, Sanford and Bauer, and they think "family values" means being a serial wife-cheater.