Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Decision 2012

The Santorum clan are really a bunch of communists?
Who would have known? And "red commies" to boot. Not just your ordinary run of the mill commie. Ricks' grandpa was a "pinko" to the core and fled the very ideology that the present day candidate is touting. For shame Ricky! Grandpa is rolling in his grave.

Then there's Mitt Romney the current front runner. Mitt would just love you to think he's an average unemployed guy just like you, that is if you had a couple of hundred million in the bank. And that money he has stashed away is blood money. Imagine the American dreams he dashed to get it. Sorry small town America there's a chinaman doing your job now because Mitt wanted another nickel. And never trust a guy who says he's been happily married for decades. We're talking about the human race here even if he does look like a robot at times. Wonder how his Mormon faith is going to play out in the bible belt? And you just know his opponents will use his past to paint him as a liberal. Break out the popcorn the cage match is about to start.

Dr. Ron Paul was the second place finisher of last nights' contest. Ronny has an idea or two that appeals to the left but that's about it. He has no chance in hell of getting the party nod. Anyone who has looked at his other ideas knows that they are unrealistic and undoable. Shrink government down and drown it in the bathtub would effectively end this nation but don't burst Ron's bubble when he's on a roll. And funny how he'd relinquish control of everything except what happens to a woman's vagina. Must go with the territory, he is after all a gynecologist. Mr. "Do no harm", unless the patient can't pay. Is that the new "Hypocritic"® oath?

I know I haven't delved into Jon Huntsman the third place finisher mainly because he's been hiding in the background for so long. You can blame main stream media for that. He wasn't even invited to many of the debates. That must mean he has more than a few rational ideas in this clown circus. For a while there I was wondering when the cat lady from the Simpsons was going to announce her run.
And here's another dirty little secret the Lame Stream Media isn't telling you, Romney didn't win with any landslide victory either. He got less than 23% of the possible votes to be had. You see about 2/3 of the voters didn't show up at the polls to vote in this primary. Maybe they are about as tired of this clown circus as I am.


Tom Harper said...

And don't forget, Mitt Romney is actually a Meskin. (I saw the headline but I didn't click on it.)

BBC said...

Anyone that thinks they understand politics is a fool. And watching debates won't make them any smarter.

Maybe many are not voting because they don't like any of the choices.

S.W. Anderson said...

Republicans make up about one third of the voting age population. In Iowa, Romney won about 25 percent of the fraction of the GOP third that took part in caucuses. In N.H., he got 38 percent of that fraction.

Gee, I'm impressed. Not.

Demeur said...

With that clown circus could you blame anybody for not voting?

Randal Graves said...

Aide: Election in November. Election in November.
Quimby: What? Again? This stupid country.