Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It was the mystery of the bees. Those industrious little creatures that assist with our food production took a turn for the worse. Disappeared like teens at a house party with the sounds of distant police sirens. Speculation, analysis and the Sherlocky of Holmes could not break this puzzle. A virus? A bacteria? Or some nasty klingon proved to be no answer.  But someone had the wherewithal to investigate the food stuff that permitted these little buggers to survive. 

Monsanto in it's infinite stupidity (after all what's a life worth when you're making big bucks) decided to engineer crops complete with it's own supply of Raid. A whiz bang idea I'm sure around some brain storming conference table but this is the real world we live in. With all their engineering and chemical degrees not one of them stopped to consider how plants are pollinated. The brainiacs were more concerned about getting rid of pesky weevils and other crop damaging pests to think about the whole process. And this has been no less than a disaster for all involved. You would think that the tiniest amount of altruistic values were at play but you'd be wrong. Monsanto realizing that once word of its' lemons (GMO seeds) got out they'd have to make lemonade which they did. A rather devious legal maneuver and the fact that crops cross pollinate gave them the "in".  They could now say that farmer Browns' crops were part of their "patented" process when they planted their own on the plot next door. It was after all identifiable with it's own unique DNA. So rather than make money the old fashioned way by actually making something they set about to make bowkoo bucks by suing farmers. Pay up royalties or lose the farm or both became the corporate mantra.

Should this all play out as I'm sure you can perceive then Monsanto could have a strangle hold on the world's entire food supply. James Bond never faced such an evil plot. So should this proceed without some type of intervention there'll be no need to slap a GMO label on your supermarket goodies because they'll all be genetically engineered. And it's a safe bet that this stuff can't be good for human consumption because look what it did to the bees. Sorry Monsanto I'm not a lab rat and I don't think anyone else cares to be one either. 

NGOs? Maybe tomorrow


BBC said...

I just buy shit and eat it, almost everything has been trying to kill me for almost 70 years anyway. And one day will.

I hope to fuck it kills me before I get to 90.

Randal Graves said...

Just think, now you won't get cockroach infestations in your gastrointestinal tract.