Thursday, February 14, 2013


Would you trust this guy?

NGO = No good organization

Personally I could care less about what a religion does inside the confines of their own building as long as it comes close to something resembling moral. They can wear silk panties in their heads and whistle "Dixie" it wouldn't matter to me. But 50+ years of child abuse and rape are nothing to be scoffed at. And everybody seems to forget the Spanish Inquisition ( know body expects the the Spanish Inquisition) only it was really the Catholic Inquisition. 

So it appears we are at a major turning point in history. There are those who delve into science and want to understand how our world works on one side and those that think it's all magic and mystical and damn him who tries to understand it on the other. This is true even in Catholicism, Islam and the fundamentals of other faiths. Wouldn't want to rip the curtain down and see that the all powerful Oz was just an ordinary guy like you and me now. It was all just a way to throw about superstition and control the masses. We all have that uncertainty deep in the brain about metaphysical things. But as time passes and our understanding increases things don't look so spooky.

Now we have the pope stepping down. We've heard various stories as to why he would do this just before an Easter holiday. We knew of the infighting amongst his inner circle from the butler. There's been the law suits from past victims of priests and just a year or so ago there was corrupt dealings with construction bids of the church. Thought I had the smoking gun but it turns out to be just another complaint form in a long list complaints. But I suspect something bigger was about to break soon. We'll have to wait and see.

I feel bad for those who attended a Catholic school. I had several friends growing up who did.  From the cracked knuckles and mean nuns I can say it's not a place I'd care to be. But it's the guilt trips that were hoisted on young people that's the biggest turn off. That and the fact that celibate men held so much power over children and abused it. Children were starved beaten and raped all in the name of a deity. All neatly covered up because there was some innate fear of the church's power. So to those parents out there who's children were abused I say run do not walk to the nearest exit. And you can tell them what they can do with their bell book and candle. 


BBC said...

All popes are fucking brainwashed fakes. He's had a pacemaker for years, what is with that shit? Aren't they suppose to die naturally and go live with their make believe daddy instead of depending on science keep them alive?

harry said...

Typical hypocritical cat-lick bullshit. Sounds like he's under house arrest. The RCC is the very definition of an ongoing criminal enterprise. This guy headed up the Inquisition Division for years before becoming Capo di Tutti. He knows where sll the bofies are buried. DeMure, they've been diddling kiddies for fourteen centuries, not fifty years.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.


harry said...

Ass, grass or cash, nobody rides for free.

Thank You,

The Management

BBC said...

Harry gets up early, hahaha

Demeur said...

I guess Harry couldn't sleep thinkin about god guns and gays lol.

harry said...

My comment @ 5:13 was as concerns the RRC.

No free rides, except for those freeloaders.

The Blog Fodder said...

If the ex-pope steps outside the Vatican he will get nailed in court by folks who were abused OR gunned down in the street by folks who made off with the cash under his watch.