Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still more news you can't use

Posting has been light I know. The news it seems goes round and round chasing it's tail and never winning. What would it do if it caught it anyway? So with that thought we present the latest and greatest washed rinsed and repeated of current events:

Freeze for Florida's citrus belt.
That happens. Crank up the sprinklers and hope it's not a long freeze. I bet those betting against orange juice futures are licking their chops.

Obama presses GOP to halt automatic spending cuts.
Not going to happen. Both sides of the aisle would have to answer to their wall street handlers. War is big business you know.

Nestle withdraws beef products.
Oh just run with it boys. N.E.S.T.L.E.S Nestle's makes the very best h o r s e  m e a t. Comes in chocolate covered too.

Russia asks: How to stop space objects from hitting earth?
Well if you wouldn't shoot so much junk up there in the first place might be a good first start. 

Seven reasons not to take a cruise vacation.
I can think of more than that. The idea of a cheap condom comes to mind for some reason. I'll let you make your own jokes on that thought.

Big diamond heist in Brussels.
Were they worried that maybe extremists might have gotten in and blown up air craft or the terminal? Of course not! In a statement:

"This is causing quite some unrest," said De Wolf. "It was incredible how easy it all went. This is worrying in terms of competitiveness, since other diamond centers are ready to pounce and take over our position."


S.W. Anderson said...

Last I heard, Wall Street and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce plutocrats don't want the sequester to go through. It would be bad for their businesses.

The cruise industry has been an ongoing scandal for years. I wouldn't get on one of those things if the cruise line were to pay me. Too many people, too few emergency and backup systems. Too little oversight and regulation. We need a new agency manned by retired Navy CPO's and Coast Guard people to inspect the hell out of every cruise ship that wants to make port calls or take on passengers at a U.S. port. Twice a year, plus occasional surprise drop-in inspections.And, those inspections should include questioning and testing of captain and crew, to meake sure they know their stuff. Failure to pass inspection for other than very minor problems should mean immediate shutdown until everything is up to snuff.

Ships should also be required to have ample emergency latrines not connected to the ship's plumbing. These should be sufficienct to handle the needs of all passengers and crew for at least five days. They could be based on chemicals like Porta Potties, or biodegradable technology.

There's plenty more the companies could do, but of course those things all work against profitability. Then again, all the bad publicity those floating Taj Majal casinos keep getting surely costs the companies big time, too.

BBC said...

The breaking news here is that we got some sunshine today.

Randal Graves said...

Too bad Nestle hasn't withdrawn its chocolate products. There hasn't been chocolate in there in twenty years.

Demeur said...

In a perfect world SW but this is reality. They'll just lay low until the next disaster then act shocked.

So much for the sun Billy.

What you haven't tried their latest? Horse meat covered in a creamy gelatinous GMO soy goop. With enough sugar nobody will taste the dif.

The Blog Fodder said...

What is the problem with horse meat? Tastes good, it's nutritious. I have eaten it once in a while in Canada and several times in Kazakhstan. Big deal. Of course one ought to know what one is eating. Misrepresentation is the crime not horsemeat.