Sunday, February 24, 2013

News neatly hidden... not "for your eyes only"

                                                    Protests in Spain - Madrid central square

(Crowd estimates were in the tens of thousands. I'd put it at nearly a million with 30 cities participating)

While you were busily distracted by the latest diversion be it a NASCAR crash or the latest anticipation of who will be wearing what designer dress to the Oscars, the rest of the world was keenly focused on more important matters at hand. We here in the U.S. might be distracted with such mundane events all the while the rest of the world is scraping to get by. 

 Neatly hidden and not so much as a scrap of reporting is a protest that occurred in Spain yesterday. Why should we care? That's a spanish problem you're thinking. Ah but it's not. It's exactly the same problem in country after country from Greece to Iceland. As has been stated here before you can not eat yourself skinny and you can not bolster an economy by cutting away jobs. But this scenario has more sinister undertones. This is theft on a grand scale and yet those in power have so neatly hidden the fact that it's still going on. If austerity measures weren't bad enough the Spanish kings' son made off with $8 million of the people's money. Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when he showed up recently at a Swiss bank wanting to make such a large deposit. 

 Trust it seems these days is a fleeting comodity. We're seeing the same with Ponzi schemes and embezelments here but on a minor scale. Easier to keep focus on low hanging fruit while the wales make off with the entire house if you know what I mean. It's getting harder and harder to dig for such nuggets of real news as the primary sources have been bought and paid for by those wanting to hide your prying eyes. They keep the fear machine going with you the victim as their primary suspect. It must be your fault because they are too busy pleading the 5th behind closed doors and in secret meetings all veiled as a "national security" issue. Yeah if we found out the facts we'd have their heads on a platter. 

So here we sit with baited breath waiting as hopes and dreams rest like an SUV balanced on the head of a pin. Will they or won't they push it when only a tiny nudge will do? No, my suspicions are that they'll once again keep it neatly balanced. After all the theft can't continue if drastic changes are made. 

 Stay tuned as we continue our quest for an honest man or woman, Sorry but we'll have to wade through quit a few wrap sheets to get there.


BBC said...

Shit, I'm just glad I got five out of five shots on the paper today.

S.W. Anderson said...

I'll have you know I haven't wasted one nanosecond on anticipating who will wear what designer dress to the Oscars, or who will win an Oscar for that matter.

U.S. media are understandably preoccupied now with how badly our two major parties' leaders are going to set the economic recovery back. At a time when Republicans are hellbent on protecting corporations from having to give up tax subsidies for maintaining their executive jet aircraft fleets — revenues to be made up by people who can barely afford to ride a bus to work — MSM reporters are having to work overtime coming up with ways to make those in both parties seem equally stupid, selfish and responsible for the big trouble that lies ahead.

It ain't easy keeping up the "they're equally at fault" charade, and reporters have Republicans, especial TP ones, to thank for all the extra effort required of them. But hey, if Republicans get the White House again, reporters will need access, doncha know.

Demeur said...

LOL Billy you got the church ladies' panties in a bunch. Now they put a disclaimer to get to your blog. Hey how about a national BJ Day? now there's something I know you'd celebrate.

It's all BS SW and people are catching on. It's why most folks are getting their news from foreign sources now.

harry said...

Panties In A Bunch!

Munch, munch.

BBC said...

It wasn't the church ladies, it was that fucking bitch that has stalked and harassed me for years, thinks it put a feather in her hat.

Randal Graves said...

It's all BS SW and people are catching on. It's why most folks are getting their news from foreign sources now.

Word and such.

billy pilgrim said...

that can is getting kicked so far down the road they're going to need a new can soon.

billy pilgrim said...

"it's hard to accept the truth when lies are exactly what you want to hear"

top that harry.

BBC said...

They want lies instead of the truth? Hum, I guess that is why so many of them read the brainwashings in the bible.

BBC said...

Kids are lied to and conned about so many things when young I guess they just see it all as normal, and continue to pass it on.

BBC said...