Monday, April 22, 2013

Crazy on You


Just found out where this tar sands oil would land up after it's all said and done. Aside from polluting Canada with it's dirty waste water vast stretches of tree removal, the pipelines that would stretch from Canada to the Gulf Coast, this oil would end up providing home heating oil for the Chinese. Once burned that pollution would make it's way back to the U.S. as it drifts over the Pacific. Nothing like selling them the rope to strangle us with eh? 

Gold is falling fast. The stock market is unrealistic and doing more gyrations than a dancing with stars contestant. We've watched as entire countries collapse before our very eyes. Is it any wonder? Even the Walmart workers can't afford to shop in their own store. Low prices indeed when they have to go to the 99¢ store. You do what you got to do I guess.We have mayhem but I guess the merriment has left the station run by a Chinese outfit is the latest. Such is what happens when a company can offshore/outsource or whatever the euphemism it's called. Set up a web page, have the product made in China, ship it the cheapest way possible direct to your door and watch the bucks roll in only without a job all while your customer base left with the train. Who ya going to sell to now sparky? Rural folks in Africa just aren't in the market for cheap plastic products. Giving them a credit card won't cut it. Can't even skin a zebra with that.

What's left? Debt. Debt for sale. Get your debt here. You buy mine, I'll buy his and he'll buy yours' and altogether nothing will get done. Just shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. And slowly ever so slowly the ship of state sinks below the water line. And as the last cabin light flickers out a sole desperate cry is heard from the aft deck "hedge funds for sale!" "Get your last chance for economic survival." "Gold and stock hedge funds for sale!" " Get them before they're (er... we're) gone."

And they say this isn't a depression. 

And don't forget to get your free door prize when exiting the theater. Todays' special is the gun of you choice. Just don't get caught in the crossfire. The theater manager Mr.Tsar Bomba is not fond of the clean up.


BBC said...

Not that any of this matters I guess, the general consensus is that mankind is doomed.

Crazy on You, as I recall, that's a pretty decent song, goes well with a beer.

Get out there and enjoy the sun today.

S.W. Anderson said...

That gold is falling doesn't surprise me. It's a market made for hucksters, speculator and the ultra rich. Stocl prices are swollen because of too many investors (savers) and megafunds chasing too few stocks of really dynamic, growing companies. That situation is partly due to the demographic bulge of retired and soon-to-retire boomers and of those coming along behind who are in their late 30's to early 50's, realizing their retirement will come before they know what hit them.

But, of course, that's not all that's going on. A big reason we have huge numbers of big businesses and corporations whose stocks are swollen way out of proportion to their actual worth at the same time we have too few jobs and laggardly job creation is financialization of just about everything. Why take a chance by trying to bring out a great new product or service when you can invest in Vietnam rice futures? Why bother opening new prouction plants or business locations when you can stock up on Russian government bonds and Brazilian hotel chains?

One of these days the country's CEO's and executives are goig to be revealed as a pack of fat, dumb and happy underacheivers utterly devoted to avoiding work, competition or any kind of risk -- people who've found all sorts of ways to make money with money instead of doing anything helpful and productive, at least for America.

Anonymous said...
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Demeur said...

Billy you know we're like slugs we can't handle the sun.

SW. Stock trades are done by computers without humans. Thought you knew that. As you can see investing in paper (now electronic ones and zeros) benefits no one. Doing to be exposed? We already know that fact. It's when we can throw all of these bums out of congress that things will change. Did I call them bums? Sorry meant whores. Oops that'd be an insult to whores. At least with whores you get service.

BBC said...

I sat out in the sun for a while yesterday, really enjoyed it.

Tried spraying some foam in the camper shell also but just made a fugging mess. I sprayed some a few years back and it worked okay, maybe I got a different brand this time, or used too much air pressure and volume, I don't know.

Anonymous said...

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