Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to the dark ages


A body believed to be that of Nevada’s chief insurance examiner was found wrapped in a blanket and bound with duct tape Saturday in a river in Carson City.
(Wonder if it was suicide?)

Sheesh you'd think the world had gone mad with the opening of today's news. Bomb strikes and carnage the likes never seen and me without the proper death metal accompaniment. What's a writer to do?

Gang rapes, shootings, machete wielding psychos and even that baby's not safe from postpartum mothers' blues. Sing me a song of mayhem as I pull the covers back over my head and get another 40 winks. To sleep perchance to dream, are the night's terrors back? Oh never mind then have another cup and a smoke and carry on. It's all we can do. It's greed I tell you or the effects there of that's imposed it s' funk on an unsuspecting audience. Never saw it coming. Sucker punched like a low life street brawler we were. And you though you could make it to the finish line at least in third place.

I'm sure Randal would have appropriate tunes to go with this piece unless he's too busy dark throning through the woods. Watch out for the creeps on those little jaunts, they're everywhere. Don't want to read about library dude stabbed in the woods. No film at eleven there.

Normal is gone. There's nothing sane left. Somewhere along the line our psyches were raped. Once cute bunnies or puppies have morphed in rabid beasts an image only Dante could love unless of course you're into such a thing. Where is the light at the end of the dark ages tunnel? It can't go one for ever or is this how it ends? Take the icky green dust and toss it in the dumpster or better yet cast in in the ocean. Fish could use another meal. You'd land up as tomorrows' scrod special. Like they say what goes around comes around. Ashes to ashes and all that.

We're doomed I tell you so just live with it. Must stop reading Sartre before bed or better yet the morning headlines upon waking. 


Randal Graves said...

This planet's always been a clusterfuck of doom, now we've just got the interwebs to clobber us over the head with death 24/7. Imagine T-rex histrionics if he had had TMZ.

BBC said...

Mankind was an interesting experiment.

BBC said...

I know that a lot more news is faster at coming at us these days but I still think that things are going to hell, faster and faster.