Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Got change?

I'll throw my two cents in which isn't worth anything anymore.  Pennies are on their way out. I believe this to be a home grown operation. One because of the material used which was very crude. But it's a toss up as to what group did it. Whether it was some wanna be extremists or like the Oklahoma city guy Timothy McVey will remain for the FBI to figure out. But it seems obvious that there was more than one person involved. 

And what will this do for our safety and security? Not much really. More laws will be passed limiting our freedoms of movement. More money will be spent on snooping eyes and cameras. Random searches without warrant may become common place. Once again you'll be guilty until proven innocent and the march to a police state will continue. Forget carrying a backpack or large case and don't be caught driving a plain unmarked rental van. " May I see your papers please" just might become common place even though it's not a requirement of the law no matter what they tell you. Police lie more than criminals. 

What now for event security? Airport type screenings complete with xray machines and body scanners? Or perhaps you're overdue for your rectal exam. We know someone wants to sell more trans-vaginal probing machines. They must have a powerful lobby in congress. 

My flippancy aside the rules will be tightened once again for a time until we fall into the comfort zone of apathy, we do after all have the attention span of a gnat anymore. Do you remember who did the damage in Atlanta when two bombs were set off? (No google look up cheating either) Thought so, you probably forgot what you ate for dinner last night and your car keys are right where you left them. So time will pass and the victims forgotten along with the whole thing until the next horrific event. Have we totally lost our sense of empathy or has this become a part of the new human psyche? We have after all witnessed more carnage of three lifetimes in just the last 12 years. I'll let the media analyze this to death then the conspiracy theorists can take over. Me I have better things to do. 


BBC said...

Me I have better things to do.

As I recall, you don't drink, so I'm guessing you are over doing the pot. Oh hell, enjoy yourself in whatever way you can I guess.

Pressure cooker bomb, had never thought of that, I wonder how much powder you need for one. Five pounds? Ten pounds?

Hell, I guess you could make one for less than two hundred bucks. I have about ten pounds of powder but I'm damn if I'm going to use it to hurt people I don't even know, that just doesn't make sense to me.

Crazy world.....

BBC said...

I'm more of a Dexter type, if I was going to start killing others I would just target those I wanted to kill. But that's just me.

Randal Graves said...

I for one welcome our new terrorist overlords.

S.W. Anderson said...

So far I've been impressed with the absence of overreaction in Boston. That could change, depending on events, circumstances and what the investigators find. But so far, this is being handled sensibly, IMO.

I don't see us marching toward a police state either. Did you read recently that some of the more ridiculous airport rules ae being dispensed with? If anything, we're marching away from that.

I do think more electronic surveillance of public places is inevitable. I also expect heightened security around big public events. Cities like Boston count on events that attract people from all over the country, as the Boston Marathon does, to boost business. But even if that wasn't a factor, no city wants to either be the scene of a massacre or to be seen as helpless in dealing with fiends and incapable of keeping people safe. You can't blame public officials for stepping up security measures in the aftermath of something like this latest bombing.

S.W. Anderson said...

Randal, careful what you welcome. They could turn out to be big fans of elevator music, and intolerant of anything else.

Demeur said...

SW you didn't wait quite long enough. Cities around the U.S. have been scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off. Yesterday I heard no less than ten calls for suspicious things and the sirens going all day.

I've worked at the airport and when something like this happens things get very tight security wise.

Yep Randal they just might want to dig up Lawrence Welk. Imagine him doing an attempt at metal or rap? (shutter the thought)

BBC said...

It's not that bad out here at the end of the world, we just keep stumbling around doing the same old shit everyday.