Monday, April 15, 2013

News you can't use


Scort (my short for supreme court) says you can't in fact carry your bazooka down the street no matter how tough the hood. I agree because if these nutbags want to tote military hardware around then I should be able to dust off my Sherman tank in the garage and be able to do some donuts in the Walmart parking lot too. Let's see what they'd do about that Mr. Littledicks.

Turkish pianist convicted for tweets about Islam.
Better take a good look in the mirror boys before casting stones. Most of the news we get from your part of the world are kids being slaughtered in the name of your god. Call me and what I believe anything you like I can take it.

Puty worried about slow growth in Russia.
Article doesn't say what he'll do about it only that the problem exists. Maybe if you'd have spent some of that money you're hiding in Cyprus at home things might have been better.

BP manager testifies about the Gulf oil spill.
Trial to set blame over the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Got news for you you're both guilty. BP managers told Trans Ocean to do what it did and Trans Ocean is guilty of letting them get away with it. It's not like they can fire you for following proper procedure. Even though this case involves maritime law you can bet there's something in there about protecting people's lives.

Global growth slows.
Well duh! The markets pulled back because nobody has any money to buy that cheap chinese plastic crap made in Longdong, China. The markets aren't realistic anyway. Not when it's all done automatically via computer programs.

Lab grown transplantable organs.
Oh boy now maybe we can do some heart transplants to the right side of congress. My heart may be bleeding but you guys don't even have one so there. :-P

Justin Trudeau takes over the Liberal party in Canada.
There's a good start. All bets are that he'll be the new top dog there. Now if they'd just cut ties with that welfare Queen I'd consider moving there.

That's my take on the news and if you don't like it tough bananas.   


BBC said...

I don't have room for a bazooka and couldn't afford to shoot it if I did.

Like it when I can get bananas for forty-five cents a pound being as they have to come all the way from South America.

toko baju muslim said...

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Demeur said...

Sad to think they're cutting down the rain forests for cheap bananas.

Demeur said...

India clothing biz not doing so hot toko?

BBC said...


Demeur said...

Healthy foods? Ha! at our age? I'll eat just about anything as long as it doesn't disagree with my insides. Throw your mouth a party cause this is the last rodeo.

BBC said...

But it was a hell of a ride, pass the bacon.

The Blog Fodder said...

Now don't go making nasty remarks about our beloved Queen. When it comes to welfare bums your corporate 0.01% make her look like a piker.
Justin isn't his father but Canada is so sick of Harper and so glad to see the Liberals with a leader. It has been a long drought since Jean Poutine.