Friday, April 12, 2013

Nasty Friday beaver

Beavers are not always the kindest of creatures as Billy will tell you but that a different story. If you think this critter is nasty you should catch the rascal in the video below (hope it works as I don't even see the code). It's one nasty beaver. Sorry to report that the guy taking this video was actually killed by this beaver when it attacked him biting into a main artery in his leg and he bled to death. Those with him could not stop the bleeding. Let this be a lesson. Wild animals are just that wild and not fond of the paparazzi.

In other news Exxon continues to lie it's way around the Mayflower,Arkansas tar sands spill telling everybody things are just ginger peachy, nothing to see here. Latest reports from the state health department are that there should be no acute health effects from the spill because people were evacuated quickly and reports from Exxon are that the spill is 95% complete. If you believe that little yarn I've got a bridge to sell you real cheap. I once did a diesel spill of just 50 gallons that took us three weeks to clean up because it had seeped into the soil. Due to it's location on an embankment we had to dig contaminated dirt by hand to a depth of three feet. So don't try and tell me this spill has been cleaned up. Every picture I've seen thus far indicates to me that they have no clue as to how to clean up this spill. I've seen workers with no protective gear, booms placed incorrectly and worst of all the pumping of oil and water from a wetland right into a lake. That ain't the way I was taught. You will note in this photo the bug sprayer and the cans of what appear to be gasoline. It's not for spraying for insects. The sprayer and cans are filled with diesel to cut the oil in order to clean it off their boots. This area by the way is called the contamination reduction zone or decon to us in the biz. Those green boots he's wearing are acid resistant, at least he got that right. Funny too is how no one there is wearing a respirator which is the very last thing you remove when leaving that zone.

Bank fails later and maybe film at 11.


BBC said...

I've never heard of a four legged beaver attacking someone before.

BBC said...


Randal Graves said...

So I have to amend the KILL-O-METER with beaver, fine, but is it more or less deadly than CHALK, GRAFFITI, or JAYWALKING?

Heh heh, you said cleanup, heh heh. We already had Love Canal, I propose we call this one Sex Canal because it sells.

Demeur said...

Better than free dicks at Cheeseburgers, no?

I'd bet the Pilgrams are turning in their graves. Get it? Mayflower. Ah never mind.