Monday, October 21, 2013

Hit the road Jack

Dear senators and congressmen

It has come to my attention that you make far more than 8 times what someone at the federal poverty level makes in earnings and with local taxes and fees going up those people have no other choice but to seek assistance from the government. Since you in congress have voted down any bill to provide jobs and the burden of educational costs have been shifted to students and their parents over the last 30 or 40 years, it only makes sense that you resign from office and let someone else take on the task. You do after all seem to hate government by your last recent actions. And you seem to have forgotten that government actually does provide services for everyone. Closing down the parks and blaming the park rangers didn't score you any points. You may pander to the very ignorant but the rest of America isn't that stupid.

So please congress people hang up your legislative hats and go home. You've surely milked the American public of more than enough to retire and most of you aren't getting any younger. Call it quits and let some young blood in there who might accomplish a kind act or two. As obstructionist as you people have been the last 5 years, the American public is looking for another party to vote for and I don't think you'll like it. We're sick of wars. We're tired of being treated like the enemy with airport pat downs and our email spied on. Yes we do want health care but not on your terms with a cheap chit to pay for it. Your idea of a $5000 voucher wouldn't pay for one root canal much less full medical coverage. And sorry but I can't borrow $10 million from my parents to start a business either. You have become blinded by all the PAC money thrown at you. Money that doesn't even have to be used for campaign purposes as we now have found out. The conflicts of interests in DC of late are mind boggling. You get inside information about companies then profit from the legislation you enact and often times that legislation is written verbatim by the companies you say you regulate.

So keep ignoring us at your own peril. You've trashed a nation with no regard to anyone but your supporters, a wealthy elite. There are those of us on both sides of the political spectrum who are fed up with your game and once we come together your days in congress are over. I believe there are enough of us to put an end to this nonsense by voting you out. Call this bi partisan hatred of what you've done to this country. To those on the right who obstructed and those on the left who let the minority get away with it it's time for a congressional shut down and reset. You haven't done any of us average people any favors with your recent shenanigans so it will be time for payback come next election cycle. Enjoy your playtime while you still have it because you'll be facing retirement shortly.

And don't come back no more.


BBC said...

Seems to me like they will have a well paid retirement so why should they give a fuck if others suffer?

Mind you, not that I think I'm suffering, I've got this bun shit down pat.

billy pilgrim said...

bbc makes an excellent point.

i suspect that if we really started a revolt and caused the elite some discomfort, we'd be squashed like bugs and i don't want to be squashed like a bug so i'll keep my nose out of their business and enjoy the toys the elite has allowed me to have.

Roger Owen Green said...

I think Billy Pilgrim's stategy is precisely what they were hoping for. meanwhile, from the Daily kos: "People struggling to put healthy food on their tables with the help of food stamps will have that much more trouble come November 1, when benefits in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program are cut. The benefits cut comes because funding through the 2009 stimulus bill is expiring—but it's expiring before the need does, with unemployment and underemployment still high. The amount being cut will sound small to members of Congress with their $174,000 salaries, but for food budgets strained past the breaking point, it's a big deal."

BBC said...

I'm so good at being a bum that I've never bothered with food stamps.

BBC said...

Me thinks that if there is a revolt it's the youth that will get it rolling. Us old farts can just sit back and watch.

Tom Harper said...

And now I've got a medley of old Ray Charles songs running through my head.