Monday, October 14, 2013

This isn't the knight of Nea ya know

The more things change the more they stay the same. In reading about the Knights Templar we find the basis for much of today's economic and social mayhem. Seems the names may have changed but the game is the same. There was once slight difference between now and then. Back then it was the sons of noblemen who took up the arms fighting for the cause. While the primary mission of the Templar was said to be military it's infrastructure amassed massive wealth by issuing letters of credit to pilgrims headed to the holy land. A pilgrim would deposit all their valuables at a local Templar headquarters and receive a document stating how much he had deposited. Being an early form of a cheque it was the beginnings of the banking system we have today. With all it's wealth it was able to acquire land and build castles and churches all with other people's money. It became what is now considered the largest multinational corporation of it's day.

It needs to be understood here that this organization was given powers beyond local laws or even the laws of nations. A templar could travel unimpeded anywhere without having to worry about laws or taxes. And it wasn't until the organization divided into other factions that it declined. It's one final defeat at Arwad put an end to it's military mission. Support for the organization dwindled. But it left behind Templar Houses, businesses and a structure of banking that was still used by the locals. Not subject to local government its standing army could pass through any jurisdiction. This frightened European nobility as the organization became a state within a state.

We can see so much of what happened back then repeating itself today. The problem now is that it's the governments' turn to become perverted in it's mission. It has again given all the power to the banks, instilled massive debts on the masses all the while pocketing the benefits of people's hard work. We're back to fighting the crusades with factions in the middle east labeled terrorists. Our standing army moves through those areas unimpeded by local laws. Valuables (money) are still deposited in what are now multinational banks who control the armies. The only thing that's changed is that now governments have taken out loans (bonds) to pay for all the military hardware and left the burden on the taxpayer and the poor and never the nobles in this case. A neat trick when you can control the government and fool the people into voting against their own best interests. 

In a later post I'll get into the Rothchilds ( no tin foil hat necessary) and you'll see how they still play a part although minor now in how the world works and what changed to make their positions a "can't lose" proposition.


BBC said...

It is truly a fucked up world when things are so closely interleaved that a fucked up government can bring an economy down and railroad us into things.

billy pilgrim said...

as heinlein said, the game is rigged! but who gives a shit, it's not as if i'm honest myself.

BBC said...

Wake up, it's time for our Friday pussy.