Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Report from the emerald city - well almost

A look with jaded eye upon the news of the world but I'm no green cub reporter ya know.

You know there's nothing to write about when the headline crawl includes the latest misadventures of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus or Britany Spears. Sorry guys they're just about at the end of their shelf life. So don't be surprised if one of their next stunts involves riding naked on a white horse down main street. Got to do something to revive your ratings you know. Maybe a little more exercise would do wonders for the middle age pounch.

And while you were busy watching your pennies roll down the rabbit hole of debt, CEOs took home a banner year of bucks some toping a billion dollars. And for what you might ask? Basically doing nothing. Ear wax has a greater function in this world than these guys. They do little other than use up air and food that could be put to better use. Mold has more redeeming qualities if you ask me. But let's not forget the talking heads that promote these jokers. You will note that the bulk of them are far from drug and alcohol free which must be a cheap pay off for the vitriol they spew. Gee thought it was too early for vampires and zombies. Must be mistaken. But fear not Facebook now allows beheading videos so all must be right with the world, or not.

Those jobless figures are a bunch of bull. Reported at 7.2% the real figure is closer to 20%. How is that? When someone's unemployment runs out they are no longer counted. I know of at least 4 people on my street who fall into that category. About the only jobs left are in trucking or health care and those people are too old for that type of work. Then there's the idiots in DC who think it's a great idea to play the shut down and debt ceiling game once more in January. That definitely put the breaks on hiring. Watch the sales figures for the upcoming holiday season. Once the BS numbers are given just after Christmas, the revised numbers will come out in January and they won't be good. People are pissed at congress and worried they won't have a job come the new year. You think they'll buy the usual useless crap they sell around the holidays? Me thinks not. 

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BBC said...

I made it to retirement and my SS money isn't much but it's twice what I need to get by on so I tossed another three hundred bucks into the can today.