Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kill kill kill

(Tees now available in the lobby in small medium large and extra large)

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the deadliest of them all? Not me that's for sure. Fire up the news and what do we see? I kid you not this is what was being dished out on the web's magic window to the world yesterday in exact order:

8 year old boy kills sister while driving a car

Student accidentally shot and killed by police

Inmate shoots deputy sheriff

Man kills girlfriend and 3 others in Seattle

Man sets himself on fire on the National Mall later dies

Cop killed in India

Four killed in Kenya after cleric is shot

Four people shot in kansas City

People being shot stabbed bombed and gassed, torture seems to be the lesser of evils at the moment. Calgon take me away, oops you just might drowned in the bathtub if somebody doesn't shove the plugged in radio into the bath water first. What's in the drinking water these days anyway? My kingdom for an ounce of kindness. Diogenes where are you? Guess he's busy playing liars poker with the boys.

So where do we go from here? How bad can bad be? That's right there's always worse. And just when you thought things were starting to head in the right direction the rug gets pulled right out from under you. That'll teach you to mix metaphors. The GPS will get you every time. At the end of your rope? (Now made in China.) Fear not it won't hold for long. This may be the end my friend. Pour me another cup of tea. No not the domestic you idiot, the imported, this calls for a celebration. Fire up the grungiest of mayhem tunes. Is that the four horsemen I see riding in the sky? Perhaps not just tornado warnings. Proceed to the nearest shelter and stay tuned for further updates. What fools these mortals be. Film at eleven.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled mundane life.


BBC said...

Friend, the key is acceptance. Sure it keeps getting uglier but what do you expect with so many monkeys?

Still pretty peaceful around here though, enjoyed myself in Port Townsend today.

Be safe out there. Bill

Randal Graves said...

Shit was, is, and always will be, fucked up.

BBC said...

Mexico monster truck accident kills 8, including kids, injures 79.

See, you don't need guns to kill people, hahahaha

One monster truck killed and injured more people than 500 bikers at a party.

Of course, random events gets random results.

Fucking rain....

Tom Harper said...

Killer T-shirts.