Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tramps thieves and a worn out can

These people are idiots. The right thinks that they can cherry pick what they want to pay and not pay without doing damage to the world economy? Try doing that with your monthly bills and see what happens. When your credit rating tanks you'll land up paying payday loan rates going forward. Now who's the responsible party in the room senator tea bagger?

Fine go ahead shut the whole thing down and I won't pay my bills either. Let's all take a bill paying holiday until next year and see how that works out. And just how many people have died from the current shutdown? Your plan didn't quit work out like you planned did it? Shut everything and everybody will be happy didn't quit work the way you thought. And people may be slow but they aren't as stupid as you may think. Republicans I've talked to are pissed and ashamed of their party. They figured out your little game to steal their benefits. "You can't fool all of the people all of the time" and hum who said that?

So what just happened? While your attention was diverted to the pain and suffering of everyday folks Wall Street was busy raking in more dough. It jacked the market up by selling off gold and then bought hedges against a downturn. The market did just that going from nearly 16000 to 14500 in just a week or so. Once the hedges were cashed out they'll pump it up once again until the next manufactured crisis.

Not to be a scare monger but if you have any T bonds laying around you just might want to cash them in before they become about as useful as toilet paper. Expensive TP at that. The yield on them has doubled over the last week which means they've already lost value. As psychotic as all this sounds it now appears that the republicans are being hoisted by their own petard as the expression goes. Wall Street is now motioning that it's time to put the brakes on this run a way zombie crowd. The monster has pillaged the village but it doesn't look like anyone can stop him. Remember they were the ones who said they were against a shutdown and look where that got us.  


billy pilgrim said...

bonds are the best friend of the investment dealers. you can use discount brokers with almost zero commissions to buy equities but bonds are a full service deal for the brokers.

anyone holding bonds for the past few years should have their head examined.

BBC said...

I don't know shit about bonds but I know I put another three hundred bucks in my ammo box last week.

Demeur said...

Billy P is that like Horice Greely who once said "go west young man" while he stayed east and made his fortune?

Billy I hope that was food you put in there because you sure can't eat bullets when everything goes to hell.

BBC said...

It was cold hard cash, I have plenty of food on hand right now. I have lots of bullets also, they may be good barter stock someday.