Thursday, December 4, 2008

I've been tagged

I'd first like to say that this will be the last tag / meme or whatever you'd call it because I generally hate answering lists of questions. There that's #1
2. I hate cell phones. I don't own one and don't plan on buying one. I'm either at home at work or at the store. It's fairly easy to get ahold of me when I'm home which these days is most of the time.
3. I have a degree in writing but never could spell very well even with several large dictionaries. Otherwise I would have had a 4.0 average.
4. I was once a photographer and traveled all over the country. I'd still be doing that had it not been for the coming of age of digital photography and a decrease in vision. Studio cameras don't have auto focus.
5. I'm basically a night person but lately I've been getting some inspiration on waking.
6. I've come to like cats more than dogs. Cats usually keep quiet and don't bother you.
7. As I said in # 1 this will be the last meme I'll do. I prefer to remain a bit of an enigma.

No I won't tag anybody else because I consider this experience to be equal to a chain letter.


Bustednuckles said...

"Cats usually keep quiet and don't bother you."

HA Ha Ha Ha Ha!

I'll be sure and tell that one to my pesky little furballs when I get home tonight.

Roger Owen Green said...

and yet you did the meme anyway. such grace. seriously.
i suppose one doesn't know another's border's until they are crossed.

BBC said...

I often refuse to do them also. I refuse to have a dog because of my lifestyle, it wouldn't be fair to the dog.

I've been called an enigma more than once, but an interesting one.


BBC said...

I bought a cell phone during a brain fart, it's around here somewhere.