Saturday, December 20, 2008

There's work ahead

Scanning the news when I came across the following file about how much work is ready to go. All it needs is the financing from our federal government to get it going. As I read this it occurred to me how much money Shrub and the chickenhawks have wasted on the "war" in Iraq. While the rebuilding of our infrastructure will cost $73 billion for starters, the warmongers will have spent nearly $2 trillion. Imagine what we could have done with that amount of money rather than piss it away in a country that had nothing to do with 911.

There'll be work

In other news the temp is 14 here and it looks like nothing's moving outside. Just sitting around waiting for the next storm late this afternoon.

Update: It started snowing about 4pm and hasn't let up. We've had about 3 more inches and may get another 3 by morning at this rate. I don't think anyone will be going to work at this rate because none of the side roads are plowed and the main roads aren't looking to well either. Geez and there's another storm coming after this one. More tomorrow.


Roger Owen Green said...

And now some Average White Band is running through my head: "I-I-I-I, I've got work to do."

BBC said...

While the rebuilding of our infrastructure will cost $73 billion for starters,

$73 billion in your dreams, that will only pay for the graft.

Mayors and politics, fuck them, wise grandmothers can run towns and cities better.

It never got lower than 19 today, 24 now. A touch of new snow this afternoon, but not much, yet. And no wind here.

BBC said...

Sunday morning, 27 degrees, about one inch of new snow, no winds.

Looks like it wasn't as bad most places as they predicted.

Of course they will still carry on about how bad it is out there. Those news monkeys need things to whine about also. :-)

BBC said...

Sunday evening, no new snow today, got up to 37 in fact. With luck there will be no new snow tonight.

Haven't drove the truck for about a week but the drive is clear just in case.

BBC said...

You live in a condo? I could so not live in a damn condo. Most of my adult life I've had my own property, I couldn't live in a condo with all the tools and equipment I have.

BBC said...

every time you buy anything part of it ends up the feds pocket. Looks like you're part of the silly monkey's club. Welcome to the club monkey.

Can't help but be part of the club, the monkeys run this planet, um, zoo. But I spend so little compared to many that I don't contribute that much.

It's pretty mild over here today.