Sunday, December 28, 2008

Laura needs her meds changed

Pickles thinks boy George has done a great job as president? Bill Engval has a sign for you Laura and it's spelled S-T-U-P-I-D.

Laura Bush actually thinks George has done a great job

Where to begin? Two never ending wars one based on lies. A stolen election hence you don't represent us. The robbing of the American treasury along with ignored constitution and making up your own rules. Get a clue woman! The entire world hates you and your husband. Herbert Hoover is starting to look like a saint compared to you two. The idiot king, Mr. Decider has packed the U.S. government with a bunch of idiot cronies who couldn't manage their way out of a closet without help.

So let's look at the facts Ms first lady:
1. Went to war on lies. (No WMDs)
2. More than 1/2 million Iraqis dead mainly women and children
3. A shreded U.S. constitution. (Pick an ammendment he's broken them all.)
4. Torture. (There's a real family value)
5. Katrina "response?" ( How many dead?)
6. Unregulated free markets work?
7. The economy is strong? (Worst since 1929)
8. Outed a CIA operative (isn't that treason?)
9. Middle East peace? (My ass)
10. The robbing of the U.S. Treasury (Bail out for Wall Street with no strings attached)
11. No bid contracts to Haliburton ( nothing like lining your friends pockets with our money)
12. Even your friends are criminals (Ken Lay, Bernie Madoff)
13. 9-11 Let's not forget that image of Chimpy reading My pet goat and continue reading while the twin towers were falling.

And even in the last days of this misadministration Boy George continues to screw things up. Cutting environmental laws so his corporate buddies can make even more money while poisoning children. If the historians write anything good about George W. then they must have been on some very powerful drugs because I can not find one single thing he has done that could even be considered positive for this nation. I hate him from the very depths of my soul and will do everything I can to make sure his rotten legacy is remembered for what it really was, the worst president in U.S. history.


BBC said...

Christmas came and went.

Yes, it did, but without me as I was camping. And every man I talked to out there hates christmas.

It's for stupid women that like to shop for stupid shit we don't need.

Of course Laura would think he did a great job, she's as brainwashed as he is with their christian insanity.

Demeur said...

Welcome back Billy. You didn't miss anything. Just a bunch of idiots running around in ice covered parking lots making fools out of themselves. And the retailers still lost.

I still say George and Laura are druggies. It has nothing to do with being a church goer. Remember his own church wanted to throw him out for all the innocent people who died in Iraq at his hands.

BBC said...

George and Laura are ex druggies that discovered the bible, the worst thing to be.

As for your comment on my blog....
Here they tear things down and it still goes to the landfill. They won't let others take what they can use, safety issues I guess, worried about lawsuits.

They just tore down a Burger King and most of it went to the landfill other than some things inside that a friend got.

Demeur said...

Actually I get first crack at a lot of salvage as long as the general contractor doesn't have salvage rights. But no you'd be shocked as to what gets recycled; concrete, wood and even the drywall. I was on a job last year and we were able to recycle the asbestos. A Japanese company put it in a furnace and turned it into slag for roads. Experimental? yes Cost effective? no.

Wayne John said...

Say it! I love how you've kept up on all these lies and nicely cataloged them.

Hopefully Barack will take us out of the shitter and improve things...hopefully Bushy hasn't screwed things up beyond repair!

BBC said...

I have a friend that will tear down places and make use of most of the stuff, and gives it to others to use, and recycles what he can, and uses a lot of it for firewood.

He torn down the old lumber yard building, working alone most of the time, but not many contractors want to give him the time to do that, they just want things to go away so they can start building something else.

I think that getting rid of electronic waste free is a good thing but I'm not sure where to take it over here, will have to find out.

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