Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Me Me Me Me Me and the hell with you

Bill O'Reilley has tried to fire up the remaining wingnuts because our state governor has permitted one group to put up a sign expressing their views on the season. There's also a manger displayed at the capitol. Now before everybody gets their panties in a bunch our state allows any group to put up any display they like as long as they apply for a permit. It's all a matter of free speech. It's to permit everyone to have a voice not just a select few. We need to stop and consider that this country is made up of many religions and atheists and agnostics. Our laws were made to cover all people.


Now a little background about Christmas. Christmas is suposed to be the celibration of the birth of Christ on December 25th. Only one problem, Jesus wasn't born in winter. He was born in spring. As noted in the following "The shepards watched over thier flocks by night". Shepards don't let their flocks graze in the fields during the winter they keep them housed or pened.

So whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanacha, Kawanza, Winter Solstice or not at all that is your right. It's suposed to be a free country let's keep it that way. So don't piss on the other guys parade it's the Christian thing to do you know.


Roger Owen Green said...

Demeur - You have been tagged!

Dawn on MDI said...

Thanks, Demeur. This lapsed Catholic-turned pagan appreciates the recognition that the December holiday that Christians celebrate was put there to attract the pagans who were already celebrating at this time of year. And trees indoors? Who ever thought that was reasonable. We do it now, but with a fake tree. Mostly it is a way for me to play with the sparkly lights. L gets made if I try to hang them on her.

MRMacrum said...

What is it with this holiday anyway? It has become some kind of focal point for stupid protests that only help to divide us even further apart. Damn I hate organized religion. And that includes organized Atheists. Believe or don't believe, I do not care one bit. If I want to fight over something at Christmas, I will head to the mall and try to pry that last nintendo game in stock from some ole lady's arthritic hands.

O'Reilley - what a buffoon. Keeps twisitng the shorts of the hair triggers found all over the place. He does nothing to bridge our differences, he only helps to magnify them and make money off them.

BBC said...

I pretty much hate christmas and so called christians. If we are to keep church out of government, as I believe was the original intent, the answer may be to not allow any of that stuff at those places of government.

BBC said...

They're not christians, they're a bunch of brainwashed monkeys fucking around.