Monday, March 9, 2009

Chinese navy getting bored

It's a bad situation when some Chinese navy ships have nothing better to do than go after a contracted U.S. Navy ship. Geez I didn't know the military subcontracted ships as well.Mooning an adversary?
Back in the 60s our military used to drop marbles on Russian subs that they followed near the U.S. coast just to let them know that we knew they were there. Maybe we could go to a time of using pies and water ballons. Cream pies at 25 feet. You know you'll see this in the next comedy movie.

March has come in like a lion. It's snowing here. Not sticking much but still too cold for my tastes.

Picked up a part for my dishwasher door last week. The door spring broke (it is 30 years old). Went to the appliance store showed the guy the old part and he said follow me. We went around back where he had a bunch that were headed to recycle and pulled a spring off an old machine. I asked what I owned him and he said it's on the house. When I replace that machine you'll know I'll be back there if they give a fair price. Getting the newer spring in was no picnic. I didn't want to pull the whole machine out so there was about an inch and a half space to work (yea and I do have small hands). After figuring out exactly how it went in it flipped off the first time but seated nicely the second.

Not much else going on right now. Keep your drum upright.


BBC said...

The Pentagon said the Impeccable had a civilian crew when it encountered the Chinese vessels Sunday.

Hum, and it's unarmed, how does this make it a military ship? And why should we even care what is in the water next to China?

Unless of course it's beavers.

I don't think we need to be concerned about any coasts but our own. And it's bullshit that we have to be concerned about them.

I owned two places with dish washers, stored things in them. You should have to pay a buck a gallon for your water and then you wouldn't be so fond of one.

Anonymous said...

The rest of the story is that the USNS Impeccable was using that new SURTASS, passive and active low frequency sonar arrays, that cause marine mammals like whales and dolphins to go deaf and drive them insane and suicidal.

What the Chinese did is what the US Coast Guard prevented Americans from doing last year off California. Trying to stop the Navy from harming defenseless animals.

Good for China. How about US media start telling the truth for once.

MRMacrum said...

The Rushkavites are already forming ranks to make this yet another "bash Obama" thing. It would be comedy, but they really are getting annoying.

Demeur said...

BBC - I did a little research on water use and dishwashers. Dishwashers still take less water than hand washing. You know me I'm almost as cheap as you. I said almost.

Anon - thanks for the inside info. But a court up here was going to let them go ahead with using that sonar. I guess the Navy did an end run around California courts.

Crum - That is now the last remaining tactic of the rethuglican party, to be obstructionists for the next four years and to bash Obama. They have no real ideas left that would help anyone.

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