Wednesday, March 25, 2009


The mess continues and Obama is trying his best to get things back on tract. Now I'm hearing ads on CNN saying that the AIG bonuses are Obama's fault. FACT CHECK GUYS: The contract to give bonuses was put in place last September under Bush. Bush and the republicans put no strings on the AIG bail out. Obama hadn't even been elected yet. This was a contract that the Obama administration had no power to break or approve. This was a public company not a government agency. One of the AIG execs just resigned today saying he'll give the money to charity. How about giving it back to the taxpayers where it belongs and no tax write off for that donation?
AIG exec almost doing the right thing

Harry Reid is trying to put together a health care plan for America. Much to the distain of the republicans (surprise surprise) with a proceedural manouver that would prevent fillibuster from republicans. My question: Why would anyone want to block a bill that would once and for all put an end to the high medical costs we now pay (the highest in the world by the way)? This benefits employers as well as employees by taking a large headache of company accounting and insuring that all Americans have coverage. At present some 50 million are without coverage. Myself included.

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