Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Thursday

Hat tip to watertiger

Checked all the job websites for any possibilities of work. Nothing there. It used to be you could rely on telephone selecitor or topless dancer. The Do not Call list took care of the first and I'd only qualify for one of the three ugly ones at the dance pole. I don't dance anymore since the demo work took it's toll. You wouldn't want to picture me in a thong anyway.
One web site recommended networking to find work. I tried that last year when things were better. Everybody I talked to was in the same boat. Only working a day or two here and there. Some hadn't worked in six weeks while others six months.
In looking at the stimusus bill I saw that things won't even begin until after July 1. All I can say is they sure did this thing backwards. They bailed out the banks first. Big mistake. They should have bailed us out first then we could have bailed out the banks by spending, saving and paying taxes. As it stands now all they are doing is encouraging unemployment. As I've said before you can keep your check and put me to work before my arteries totally harden and I'll be no good to anyone.

Housing market has a dirty little secret. This from the AP:

While the number of foreclosures continue to soar nationwide, banks have held off listing properties for sale, Sharga said. There were around 700,000 such properties nationwide at the end of last year, making up a "shadow inventory" of unsold homes that could drag the housing crisis out even longer.

Of course you know why they're holding off listing these houses. It would kill their bottom line even more and cause prices to fall even more. Wonder if they'll start tearing those houses down like they did in the depression. Oh that's right this is a depression and they will tear them down.

Here's something that should scare you. The FDIC does not have enough money to cover losses. They tried to raise the premiums for the insurance that banks pay. The banks whined and now the money will come in the form of loans. Hummm doesn't that sound like an IOU to you? This entire system is looking more and more like a Ponzi scheme


The Blog Fodder said...

You know, Demeur, you make Ukraine sound better all the time. No one has work, no one has money yet every one survives. It is a surviving country, when you look at its history.
Hope things turn around for you soon.

MRMacrum said...

Yeah, in retrospect, it does seem they did the whole bail out backwards. But I have been led to believe the panic and pants pissing up on Wall Street was such they must have felt that infusing money there made more immediate sense.

Damn, I hope things make a good turn for you soon. Man, doesn't this suck?

BBC said...

I could drum up some work but I'm doing fine and don't want to. Others that need the work can have what is out there.

For the eleven years I've been here I've never made over 15 bucks an hour and got along just fine, there were times I didn't work at all for a while until I retired, it's all in learning how to do it.

Unlike many, I don't care if I have much money, I think that is going to be beneficial to me in the future.

I'm guessing that you have unemployment benefits coming in so you should at least be happy you have that. Good luck with finding work, and I mean that.

Here is a link you may find interesting.

The USSR was better prepared for collapse than the US

BBC said...

I put that 44 LED bulb light out in the camper and hooked it up to the battery. The battery had 12.58 volts in it at the start of the test and after 100 hours it still had 12.20 volts in it, that’s pretty impressive to me to have lights that long and still be able to start a rig.