Thursday, March 12, 2009


Huh? For those of you without a linguistics degree or too lazy to look it up that's merely the fear of the number 13. As tomorrow is Friday the 13. Hey didn't we just have one of those the other month? Yep and we've got one more again in November. Am I one of those fearful 13 fraddycats? No. I have a brother who was born on Friday the 13th in hospital room 1313 and according to mom she had 13 cents in her purse at the time.

The other week was no cussing week in LA county. Profanity has become strange of late. I've always considered profanity to be like hot spices of language. A little bit goes a long way. Too much and the "dish" gets ruined. Also there has been so many loopholes to saying the exact same things. Let's take Carlins seven dirty words as an example.

Sh** = poop,ka ka,doody,dump,defication and feces
Pi** = urinate,tinkle,pee,water
F*** = fornicate,intercourse,ball (not to forget)friggin,bloody and flaming
C*** = vagina,hole,hoo hoo,taco
Coc****** Can't think of a good one for that it seems to be fading from the language.
Mother****** = Not much there either unless you'd say mom pleaser. I'm you're Dad son that's my job I'm a MF. Unless of course you're a giggilo or adulterer.
T*** = bossums,rack,jugs, balloons

Then there's the little profanities that are loosing their meaning and punch because they've been over used. Son of a bitch is the male offspring of a female dog. Hey wouldn't that be a male puppy? How cute. Hell and damn was one mom used and I'd always reply "I don't know the woman".
I wonder why A-hole didn't make the list? That's a fairly derrogatory expression. An ass a small donkey type animal. Hey I may be an ass but don't they work for a living? I don't see penus on the list either. Now how can you have vagina and not penus? That's discrimination I tell you.
There's much more but that seems to be relegated to the far recesses of this old brain and best left there.

Keep your drums upright people.


The Blog Fodder said...

I've always wondered about people who use the F word five times in each sentence. What do they say when the situation calls for a strong expression? They have no effective fall back.
check out this article from The New Republic.
WHY WE CURSE. What the F***? by Steven Pinker Post date: 09.28.07

BBC said...

You posted this yesterday? It didn't show up here until now. Anyway, I don't pay any attention to Friday the 13th, it's just another day to me.

As for swearing, as it says in my sidebar, I swear a lot more on my blogs than I do in person.

It's a nice sunny day, I'm putting the camper on the truck and going camping tomorrow.

Joe the Homeless said...

Maybe I just like the fuckin way it sounds in my head when I write it.

MRMacrum said...

Sometimes, nothing beats a wonderful string of profanity. Especially when a tight ass I don't like is within earshot.

Roger Owen Green said...

I need to (AGAIN) write about the power of the F word when you don't use it often.

My favorite curse, BTW, is A**HOLE - find, if you can, a Tom Petty version of a Beck song. The melody is so lovely. The lyrics: "She would do anything to make you feel like an a**hole". Beautiful.