Monday, March 30, 2009

Fedreal government finally realizes

That U.S. car companies are broke. All the money in the world isn't going to put humpty back together again. Why? Because buyers if there are any left can't get a loan even if they have perfect credit because banks aren't lending. Dealers can't pay the loans they have if they don't sell cars. Giving a $7500 tax credit for buying a car won't help if the credit isn't there. What did the banks do with their bailout. They did just what you or I would do. They paid down their debt and are holding the rest for future losses. Credit still remains frozen. With the job market tanking further squeeze comes from both sides.
With six down quarters I'd say it's safe to say we're in a depression. The way out? With corporations not spending and lay offs adding to the problem and no consumer demand there is no choice but for the government to step in and spend. Hopefully the spending on infrastructure will get things going long enough for the debt to be worked out of the systems. That along with savings should bring about a balance. At least that seems to be the plan. One thing is for certain. This generation will never look at life the same way much like our parents did with the great depression.


BBC said...

I don't know about that but I'm not in the market for a new rig anyway. Mine has a 150 K on it and still runs like a clock.

If I did want one I think my bank would go the loan, but I don't know for sure.

If I want money for anything it will be if I find an out of the way property for a private campsite. But they think land is worth a fortune around here.

Like 60 grand for an undeveloped acre.

Roger Owen Green said...

I think it's a typo but fedreal and realize really work well in this context; the federal govt is getting real.

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