Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring beaver

The friday beaver is late again but then so is spring. Would have posted more but something ran through me the other day. Wonder if it wasn't food poisoning of some type. Thought my internal organs were coming out in the process.

Looks like this is going to be a late planting season. We're still getting freezes here in the early morning. Guess I'll pick up some seeds and potting soil today before the good stuff is all gone. That's the good thing around here. Everybody waits until the last minute to do anything.

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BBC said...

Well geez, it's just the start of spring you know. But good for early crops like lettuce and such.

And for camping.

Many crops shouldn't be planted until the ground reaches 45 degrees and that will be a few more months.

It was a lot nicer today than I expected it to be and I got a few things done to improve my next camping trip.

Thinking I should look for a property to just have my own private camp spot at. But they think the land around here is worth a kings fortune.