Friday, April 16, 2010

Caged beaver. What else would you find around here on Friday

Random angry rants today. Let's all get mean and nasty. What better things do we have to do?

Crist backs off the education bill in Fla. Gee maybe he thought the people down there were too dumb to email. Setting standards for teacher pay based on performance. Hey Sparky! Didn't you know when you push standards they just inflate the grades? And just how did Johnny make it through and get a high school diploma when he can't read or write? Explain that one to me Principal Skinner.

Unemployment extention just passed last night. And the growling republicans outraged that this isn't paid for. Tell me Senator (R) where was your outrage when you spent $400 billion+ for an unessary unpaid for war? Where was your no vote on the unpaid for drug bill with the donut hole? Great idea that was, we'll keep em alive just long enough so the rest of the insurance vultures can drain their bank accounts and should they survive we'll keep em alive just long enough to get the last penny then give em a cheap funeral.
You could give your buds on Wall Street hundreds of billions without batting an eyelid (it only took two weeks) but try and get 2% of what you gave them and it's taken months. Did you suddenly grow a conscience senator? Where was it the last eight years under Bush?

Now we have Bitch McConnell who seems to need another set of lips because you can only talk out of so many sides of your mouth at once. He's somebody's bitch alright only it isn't the people from his home state of Kuntucky. We need more regulations on the banks and investment houses is the cry of the day! So once again a watered down bill is finally eeked out essentually doing little to change the system. But is Bitch even satisfied with that? Nooo. Because even that would be too much for the pimps on Wall Street and poor Bitch is afraid his handlers won't give him some crumbs for his next election. You guys are becoming too disgustingly obvious.

Lastly you may have remembered that old song "Whitey's on the moon". Guess they'll need to change it to "Whitey's on Mars". Not against science but this is just bad timing. So tell me did they ever finish rebuilding New Orleans?

So find a teabagger party and kick your drums over on em you'll feel better...

Bank Failures are out. This week we lose 5 more in MI,MA and 3 in FLA.


Randal Graves said...

Um, if we didn't blow up those brown people, they'd come over here and blow up our schools, so if you're going to waste money, waste on something that gets results!

an average patriot said...

What a frigging mess. What is worse is the garbage will get a lot worse. I can not believe our country has degraded to this. They are not politicians they are morticians.

Four Dinners said...

I have no idea. Must be the vodka. I agree. I think.

e-mail please - one that is large enough for large files?

Your prize awaits you.

Tom Harper said...

Good rant. No matter what nasty things get said about Bitch McConnell, they barely scratch the surface.

BBC said...

I don't think that they should keep extending unemployment benefits. It may break the country and even more folks will be out of work.

I believe that you are a union man. How much is your union going to help you when your benefits run out? I'm just wondering.

There's jobs around, just not at the wages you would like to make. You might consider getting over that.

Or going to Alaska to work, there's some jobs in your trade there and you only have to work six months out of the year.

Three weeks on and three weeks off.

Holte Ender said...

McConnell deserves to be hauled over the coals, I think he's on crack, he doesn't know what shirt to put on, he wears a blue collars and a white shirt, no style whatsoever. Chinless wonder.

Ranch Chimp said...

Cool that unemployment extension's get through these day's .... actually only because of the democrat's. Short story hear (back when I voted republican for year's) I got laid off right shortly after 9/11 from 6+ year's with a company, business just really went south (no pun intended on southern folk's here) man, and Bush was the man, he was deregulating shit left and right, and doing more shit with China and Arab's than his own country, etc. But mid december that year .... there was 1 million of us needing unemployment extension's in the range of $5 billion cost, the dem's begged for it for us, and Bush vetoed it, and we all got cut just a couple week's before xmas. But check this out .... only a couple month's after .... he said that he needed $185 billion for Iraq .... and got it in a heart beat .... that with other event's such as deregulating corporation's and unfair trade practice's with folk's like China, is what actually made me start voting democrat from there on. And I figured that Iraq was just a money making crock of crap since day one, for contracting buddies, I mean ... I'm a Texan ... I know how all this government contracting work's and how our government is milked for billion's by the contractor's yearly .... hell ... we milked the government ourselves! I'm 54 year's old these day's .... quit working in 2006 and decided to try working for myself for a change .... best move I ever made. The first two year's was tough getting started up .... the last year my income has about tripled percentage wise from the day's I worked for other's, and this is in a so called "bad economy" as well.

Later Guy ............

S.W. Anderson said...

What you say about how setting performance standards on teachers leads to grade inflation rings true, Demeur.

Re: all that money blown on Iraq. It was a lot more than $400 billion. And let's not forget that $9 billion that supposedly disappeared in Iraq in 2003. And then Bush, the most incompetent excuse for a president in U.S. history, turned up with a record-breaking $200 million campaign war chest for '04. I've always suspected a connection.

Ranch Chimp, I remember watching Senate Dems on C-SPAN back in The New Dark Age of Bush begging for unemployment benefit extensions, and hearing Republicans scoffing that if they OK'd them, they would just be paying people to stay home and watch soap operas and baseball games. Seriously. Never mind that the funds for jobless benefits come out of people's paychecks, in the occasional periods between recessions, downsizings and outsourcings when people actually get to earn paychecks.

Glad the scales fell from your eyes. Dems aren't perfect, but they tend to care, to deal with reality and seek fairness — things Republicans tossed aside 30-40 years ago.

Demeur said...

There are no jobs around here Billy. If there were I'd be working right now. Even the shit jobs were taken a long time ago. I've already looked on the national job boards and there isn't any work there either.

RC - I know what you mean. You live in that 'right to starve state' where if you don't own the company then you don't make squat. I myself was just lucky enough after 9/11 to get on a government job that lasted six years. Enough time to pay off my place and save a little but not quite enough to retire.
It's not that any of us are lazy, hell I've done demo and haz mat work for 20 years, it's that we were looking to the finish line when they stopped the race. And now I'm realizing how worn out I am. Sitting on the bench for well over a year hasn't helped. I did get retraining but there isn't even work in that field yet.
Maybe I'll just have to figure out a way to sell almost worthless paper (investments) as I hear you can make a ton of money that way and nobody cares.

BBC said...

There are no jobs around here Billy.

I know that, therefore you need to go where the jobs are. If you can snag one in your field in the oil fields in Alaska you only work half of the year and make about 110K a year.

Short of that, there are other jobs available everywhere, people just don't want to take them because they don't think they pay enough.

Whenever I want some extra money I can find lots of work at fifteen bucks an hour. Not that I want extra money but last week Terry wanted me to fix his truck so I did.

I asked for a hundred bucks over the price of the parts, he gave me a forty buck tip on top of that. I'll piss it away tomorrow night when I spend my first night out camping behind the casino. :-)

Distributorcap said...

unemployment is the ONE thing that goes right back into the economy - while all the $$$ Chins McConnell allocated and approved on wars, and for wall street goes right into the pockets of his friends.

i hope someone sets a Mitchville right in front his house.

i used to think Kyl was the most reprehensible douchebag in the senate (in a place full of reprehensible douchebags) - mcconnell is .

but with a country as dumb as ours - people will believe he is looking out for the little guy

Tim said...


Just thought....I kind of know your background..
What do you think of becoming a Safety Consultant...
Business really doesn't want someone on payroll for this...

Anonymous said...

Well, on a different note: I think a larger benefit would come if DRUG TESTS were administered to every person before they could cash their welfare check. If you have money for drugs, then you don't need welfare. Or am I being too harsh....