Friday, April 9, 2010

The Stupid Amendment

Of course its Friday and ya'll know what that means if you've hung around here very long.

But what about the heading you ask? Bart Stupak is calling it quits. The Michigan Democrat will not run for another term. In a statement released this afternoon he rambled on about all the wonderful things he did as a senator yet never really stated the reason for his leaving. But it didn't take very long to figure out what had happened. To put an amendment into the health care bill that didn't need to be there was his demise. In a great waste of taxpayer time and money Stupak held up the bill while a parade of speeches siding with his anti abortion stance were presented. Why the waste of effort you may ask? Because what he wanted was already a part of the bill so the amendment did nothing more than echo what was already there. But it was beginning to appear that Bart was siding with the republicans in both presenting an amendment that went against the party platform and holding up the bill from passage. Something even the republicans couldn't do at the time. For that he would face the greatest harassment from those in his district. The uproar must have been too much for old Bart as his wife was forced to disconnect their home phone. So I guess the senator saw the handwriting on the wall as far as his political career went.
But fear not Bart I'm sure you've made enough connections over the last 18 years and maybe they'll let you hang around C Street until your lease is up.


Tim said...

Perhaps now black Bart can cum clean and spill the beans on C-Street.
I hear their looking for a new Ronald McDonald,maybe that would be a good choice for him. Perhaps Pope would be good. Hmmmmm
Roger Ailes might call Bart is an excellent public speaker.

Tom Harper said...

"Of course its Friday and ya'll know what that means if you've hung around here very long."

Damn right, let me see your pussy.

BBC said...

I read something on Wikipedia today about citizens amendments, where you can, if successful, repeal what the lawmakers come up with.

Not that I think the average citizen is any better at understanding how things should work than our government. The average citizen just has the right to vote.

That just makes for a lot of idiots that get to vote. Fuck it, it's not my fight anymore.

I'll just take care of my own life the best I can and go camping as much as I can.

Holte Ender said...

If I lived in Michigan I think I'd vote for the beaver.

Demeur said...

Tim he won't spill the beans on C street because that would mean incriminating himself unless he cops a deal.

The pussies are on hiatus.

Billy they'll still need to deal with medicare and medicade as the rest of us hit retirement.

Holte I'd vote for Wally.