Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spoke too soon

How's that "drill baby drill" mantra working for you now?

Update: The rig just sank this morning leaving behind hundreds of gallons of crude to be cleaned up.
(insider info on that - a clean up gets about 15% of the spilled material at best. the rest eventually sinks to the bottom killing fish and marine life).

Keep your drums upright folks and Happy Earth Day!


Tim said...

Yeah I was just reading about this. I'm glad you posted about it. I'd like to kick that Bitch doing adds on TV for Drilling for oil and natural gas, right in the cootch. For Americans!
I wish Sister Sarah was on that Rig.

Four Dinners said...

Charity records are already in production to help the bereaved families. Many long forgotten bands have come out of retirement to help.

It leaves a lump in my eye and a tear in my throat....

"Oil Around My Hat" : Steeleye Span

"Oil I Want Is You" : U2

"Oil The Young Dudes" : Mott The Hoople

"Oil For Love" : Bryan Adams / Sting / Rod Stewart

"Oil I Have To Give" : Backstreet Boys

"Oil Of My Heart" : ABC

Well. What can you say?

Even McCartney has turned up!!!

"Oil You Need Is Love"!!!

Marvellous response....

er...this won't affect my cooking bill will it? I mean to say...I NEED my bacon sandwiches!


an average patriot said...

Beautiful tree!

Doesn't it make you sick? Even Obama is doing his version of drill baby drill, we will not have the accidents we use to. What are they frigging stupid? They are not going to stop until we are in "solyent Green's position.

Tim said...

Four Dinners,oil Vey.
I wanted to play too..

BBC said...

I like 4D but he is one of this planets problems. As for the oil rig going down it looks like we have much bigger problems than that according to a news story I just looked at about the oceans changing much more rapidly than in the past.

It's okay, mother earth will heal herself after she gets rid of our sorry asses.

The Blog Fodder said...

Best anti-smoking ad I ever saw was just a reprint of an old John Wayne ad for filterless Camels.

Need to do a parody with Sister Sarah doing her spiel and in the background pictures of all the oil disasters of the last 25 years.

MRMacrum said...

Oil's well that ends well.

Apparently this well is not one of those.

This type of accident is bound to happen. In all liklihood it will happen more often as we humans become more desperate for the black gold everyone finally understands is a finite resource.

There will be no tapering off of oil. It will happen crudely and it will get ugly.

Randal Graves said...

Oh great. Now the fish are going to use OUR oil to power THEIR machines, taking over the land bit by bit.