Thursday, April 1, 2010

The fools of April

Watch out big brother is watching you.

The judge hammering his gavel passes your sentence. " I give the defendant his choice. He may serve out the remaining days of his life in one of the following places: Cleveland, Pittsburgh or any rural town in Texas." All sentences final void where prohibited.

And now back to our concious state and the rest of the news. Those fine warriors of refuse will not be walking the picket lines today at least not yet as the union and management finish their agreement. In an interview last night a customer was heard saying "thank god at least now it won't smell like Broklyn here".
On the pollitical front it was discovered that the republican group The Young Eagles ( the ones into kinky lesbian sex shows) had other outings planned. They must really be into sex and violence as their next outing was to be at a Blackwater training camp however after the Voyeur club thing their field trips have been put on hold for now. Makes you wonder what other little titilating side trips they had before this.
And after eight years it has finally been determined that the wire taps of the Bush administration were in fact illegal. This of course will not prevent the NSA and others to keep spying on us so watch what you say and write. I just wonder how they'll keep all the copies of all the emails, web page changes, phone conversations etc. Maybe that's why they refuse to give up Ucca mountain for nuclear waste storage.

Now if you find any typos or spelling errors in this consider that I'm still asleep but then again I never was that great at spelling. Is that coffee I smell?


MadMike said...

LOL! Wonderful. Happy April Fool's Day :-)

Tim said...

What the hell kind of name is the Young Eagles. There called that up to the age of forty. I just shake my head at that.What do they call them after forty, Buzzards?

S.W. Anderson said...

Going by something I read awhile back, the NSA snooping doesn't involve reading and keeping the full text or recording of things they scan. It's more like a dragnet operation that uses sophisticated algorithms to ferret out combinations of words and phrases, and patterns of communication, for possible further scrutiny.

Tim, buzzards fits.

BBC said...

Boy, what a face...

ANACORTES, Wash. – An explosion and fire erupted at an oil refinery in Washington state early Friday, leaving four workers injured and three missing, officials said.

As I recall, there was something like that happening there about 12 years ago. Maybe their safety program needs to be improved?

Of course it also may be an excuse for them to take gas over three bucks a gallon also.

We are expecting to get hit with some high winds and a lot of rain and snow in the mountains today, at least there are no tall trees on my place and heavy equipment cleaned the drainage ditch on the other side of the street last week.

When I take Helen to town for her banking this morning I'd better stop and get some more co-co mix. It goes well with a nice storm.

BBC said...

The storm is already starting to hit here, I suppose it will make its way to you soon.

On the upside, it will provide a little employment for some folks.