Saturday, April 10, 2010

Damn Chinese!

They're at it again. You recall the milk tained with melamine? Well now I find out that not only did they not destroy all of that tainted stock. Some of it was sold earlier this year. But it gets worse. Now their cutting flour with lime. No not the kind you put in your rum and coke. They're using ground lime as a whitening agent in flour because they can sell it cheap. The health effects? It can destroy your respiratory system.

Chinese flour

I'm getting to the point that I just may boycott all products made in China. Most of their stuff is crap anyway.


Tim said...

Hmmm Ancient Chinese secret huh..

Maybe it's just around where I live,
I can't find products made in the USA.
When I di find something I get all excited and call my kids so they to can buy it.
The Chinese are taking over the world because of company's like Walmart.
It seems greed is the word for corporate America.
I heard we were supposed to put sanctions on China's exports. I wonder what happened to that. I hope that's not one of the just say NO plans in Congress.
The one thing the Chinese are buying from the USA is cars. Go Figure...They love Buicks...

Randal Graves said...

You've never had your insides eaten until you've eaten a quicklime biscuit. Yum!

Tim said...

Would a five guys burger qualify?
Got pretty sick from that...

Anonymous said...


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