Thursday, April 15, 2010

Couldn't help but think of the Randal of Graves

As I procrastinate yet some more on this tax day. Hey the mail doesn't go out until 5. No grand rush there and stumble around the internet looking for nothing in particular I find just the right come back encapsulating the very spirit of Randal's latest machination. God do I even know what that word means? Hold on while I look it up. Ffffeww I'm back. Yep that fits Randal to a T. So while Randal's busy clipping his toe nails and coloring his hair I give you a wonderful composition from Keates.

Ode on Indolence

And may this be an inspiration for your next post Randal. I'm sure you can twist it like a pretzel and come up with some near incomprehensible rant of half baked proportions. Because none of us like our proportions burnt but I'm sure you could do that and we wouldn't even notice.

And for those who wonder why I don't bother to use spell check to them I say this thing has a vocabulary of a third grader, Oxford or Webster it's not.

Plus I'm just plain lazy. Now if i can just remember where I put that tax form. Oh well I'll get to it later. Wonder if they'd take an IOU? The cat ate it?

Keep your drums upright...


BBC said...

As I procrastinate yet some more on this tax day.

I got under that radar years ago, for the most part.

S.W. Anderson said...

It will be interesting to see if Randal takes your idea and runs with it. But then, it's spring fever season and he's probably feeling lazy too.

Demeur said...

Under the radar huh. Well we'll just have to send out them revenuers out to your place.

Knowing Randal he'll come up with something weird.

Randal Graves said...

I'd love to comment, but I'm indolent.