Monday, July 19, 2010

A Bustedknuckle rant

Sorry but I must say the Ornery Bastard does a much better job at blowing off at seam than I ever could. I think his rants are enhanced with copious amounts of beer and Jack Danials. The reason I bring the whole subject up is that I went to the job boards this morning only to get time after time the following message: 'Sorry no jobs found".

The ruling party in Afghanistan live in multi million dollar compounds that we paid for and contune to finance. But actually most of them don't even live there. They rent out these walled and armed guarded villas and aren't even in the country. They don't want us to leave because they know this welfare for the rich will end.

Then there's the billions of dollars pumped into Iraq each month and we know most of it is being skimmed as our military gets charged $100 for a load of laundry. Only to find out that that load was washed in polluted water and needs to be cleaned again. Soldiers drinking and showering with water that's unfit for human consumption.

More bailouts for Wall Street in the form of limp rules that do nothing to change the game. No rule changes for oil, gas and mining companies. I wouldn't expect anything to change until after the midterm elections. Wouldn't want to piss off your donors now would we?

Insurance companies just had or will soon have buckets money thrown at them in the form of new patients or should I say premiums. I'm sure their lawyers are busy looking for all the loopholes in droping all but the most healthy.

All this money going out the door for the wealthy and well connected but nothing for actual jobs for our citizens. We're told we're lazy and we don't want to work. If that were true then what the hell do these guys think that we were doing the last twenty years, sitting on the couch eating bon bons? And I'd like to see one of these over the hill lizzard lipped nerds pick up a jack hammer and bust their ass. I'd bet they wouldn't make it 20 minutes. Yet they expect people that do to do it into their 70s.

Keep your drums upright or for all I care kick them over. It doesn't seem to matter to BP.


Tim said...

Great, but you need a few more drinks.
I'm with you. Thia whole thing stinks.
I think I told you my youngest son,just graduated from College. A zillion dollars later he's working for 7 and change per hour dealing coffee. Oh so now his credit score will go to shit. What a way to start out life. And YOU, who's almost as old as me,running a jackhammer. It's just not right. So much for education.

an average patriot said...

It is sick man but it has been totally obvious since Bush that the wars, the Government, the wealthy,and the military are what matters. I said it too many timers but average Americans are on their own.

If we survive so be it but whatever happens the military and the Government will get together and start over somewhere but where in this mess we have created we call mother earth!

MRMacrum said...

Seems we get the same screwin no matter which Party claims to be in charge.

BBC said...

I wouldn't expect anything to change until after the midterm elections.

Hahahaha, dream on. Changing the faces won't change a fucking thing, may even make them worse.

Fuck work, if you can retire now just do it and adjust to live on the income you'll be getting, that's what I did.

As a side note, today I started putting together a shower that only uses one gallon of water, with a half gallon water heater that keeps recirculating it through a filter.

A 12 volt water pump will pump the water, with just my solar panel if need be, after I get it set up I'll make a wood fire heat exchanger to put inline in the system.

Tim's son needs to become a bartender, I know two young women that went to college and turned to that for the easy work and great tips.

Don't knock it if you can make 2 to 3 hundred bucks a night I guess.

Tim said...

That's exactly what I said to him.
So we're looking, we haven't seen one Bartending job yet. Still looking.
I used to own a Bar many years ago, there's also side benefits....;)

Demeur said...

Billy if I could retire I would. I'm about two years before I could even collect an early SS and don't have enough in an IRA to last long. I don't really have much in the way of bills but with no medical or dental insurance I can't. If I could sell this place I'd move over on your side. Sounds cheaper over there.

Good on you for your new shower, water is my next post topic. But I'm sure you use less than anybody around here.

Randal Graves said...

Find your niche and try not to starve to death, enjoy what you can, that's about all of us non one-percenters can do.

Bustednuckles said...

Thank for the shout out my man and you are correct, my Blog is powered by high octane fuels.

Ranch Chimp said...

Very nice posting Guy .... dont even get me started on this "AfghaniScam" or Meat Beat Wall Street .... let me be frank here Bubba .... we the people are getting butt fucked like red headed step children altar boyz!

Mr. Patriot actually hit the nail on the head also here! And Mr.MRMacrum too! Ya'll got it dude's!

Ranch Chimp said...

I like Mr.BBC's comment ..."Fuck work!" .... You got it Guy!

As far as not expecting any change till after mid term .... that's when nothing will get done ... as a matter of fact .... we are getting more action as well as BS only because of the midterm's .... everyone is hustling and selling that "vote" ... once it's over .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, ... back to whatever "normal" they choose to give us when they tell us to put back on our happy faces. I alway's done what I wanted to do anywayz ... and only work for myself these dayz. My motto has alwayz been "fuck those who would fuck me first" ... it's alwayz worked for me. :)