Friday, July 23, 2010

Cute furry creature

Busy digging up yet more environmentally damaging actions from our boys in the energy industry. Just today 2 more people died in the pursuit of cheap energy. More details later along with the latest bank failures.

Update: A three-man crew, employed by a maintenance contractor, were working on oil tanks at the well in Indiana Township when the blast happened at 9:50 a.m., rocketing one of the tanks more than 70 yards into the woods, said Allegheny County Emergency Director Robert Full. Two of the workers were killed.
Last week 20 workers were injured 4 in critical condition with serious burns when a section of a coke plant exploded near Pittsburgh. Workers said that workers were trying to stop a leaking gas line when something ignited the gas.
This is all about process safety and cutting corners. Any type of hot work on a tank must be done with the tank inerted (filled with co2 or nitrogen). Any gas lines need to be shut down before repairs. But no they never listen to reason, skip the safety and get her done only they are the ones who get done.

Failed banks: There were seven banks this week that bit the dust from FL to Ore.


BBC said...

Just today 2 more people died in the pursuit of cheap energy.

I hadn't spotted that yet, busy inventing. But people dying in the pursuit of cheap energy is only because of capitalism.

I've made lots of cheap energy over the years and it's never killed me. Of course it was only for my own use.

Demeur said...

Getting gas from eating at Taco Bell doesn't count Billy.

Randal Graves said...

Safety is for wusses and commies.

an average patriot said...

It sucks! I didn't watch it but I saw an ad for a show about on a 33 year old Alaska pipeline that moves 50000 gallons of oil a day and it is owned by BP. You know it is infe3rior and another disaster waiting to happen.