Monday, July 26, 2010

The insanity continues

Hey, I want a job with the Taliban. You get paid by the U.S. military not to attack our supply lines and you get paid by the Pakistan spy service to attack U.S. troops. So I wonder who's paying more? I've got an idea. Let's train them all to be hedge fund managers and nobody gets killed outright. They could amass large sums of money with nothing more than a few keystrokes on a computer. But, the death comes to the people they fleece. A slow painful death by slowly eliminating grandma's retirement fund.

Five billion a month is being dumped into this 'war' and not much to show. I'd say it's more like a robbery only nobody sees it as that. "But if we don't fight them over there they'll be crawling all over the place over here" is the cry. I say bull! Anyone who's studied history knows that eventually there'll be differences, more than likely a civil war of sorts and then somebody will come out on top. But with all the corruption there it'll be more than likely that one of the gangs will land up the leader. Then it will be just a matter of what deal can be struck for the mineral riches.

We can dump billions, no make that hundreds of billions trying to build a nation that doesn't care one iota about being a nation while millions here would like just a fraction of that money to be able to get on with our lives and maybe think of retirement. But no the middle class is being sucked dry as Wall Street continues it's Las Vegas ways. The gains you've seen in the Dow are imaginary, pumped up by yet more derivative sales. Find the country most likely to fail and bet that it will. Don't bother to actually put capital back in the markets because that is such a suckers bet. Or tout that your investment company is community owned therefore safe from the Wall Street wolves.

Maybe we should just change the ramblings of Marie Antoinette from "Let them eat cake" to the Right's "Let them eat dirt". Not so much as scraps for those who actually did all the work in this country. A few more weeks of checks and yet more food bank Top Ramen may get you through the fall but what then? There is no plan that I can see unless somebody is keeping it well underwraps.

Don't worry about your drums falling over because they're empty or soon will be.


Tim said...

Hey Man
We just don't learn shit. How many times do we have to go through this stuff. Maybe this will be the spark to bring our troops home. I hope the hell so.

an average patriot said...

You know the Taliban are happy as pigs in shit. They have us right where they want us, Pakistan is helping them get us and we are paying them to do it. They get to kill infidels and it's a win win win for them!

Demeur said...

My question is what are we fighting for? A vet comes home after two three or four deployments only to be lucky to get a part time job as a pizza deliveryman.

I say get out, get them home and let's use the money to start rebuilding this country. Even if we have to borrow the money then at least we'll get something back for the effort.

an average patriot said...

You saw that life saving pizza delivery guy huh? I say get out now too. We may be there for that trillion in minerals but I doubt it. We are there to keep our war economy going and to go after Pakistan's nukes if we feel they are in Jeopardy. We are in place already if we have to. We are frigging mad!

BBC said...

It wuz a fine fucking day over here, I'm working on improving and tweaking my low impact shower setup.

Randal Graves said...

You're nuts. It's much more fun to kill via explosions than via spreadsheets.


Ranch Chimp said...

Goddamn Dude ... aint that the truth!! I wonder if anyone actually see's how we are being used like red headed step children in all this ... and we keep funding and funding this nonsense ... wonder if anyone even realizes that these group's of troop's/ fighter's just flip flop side's more than the politician's brain does ... and going from friend to foe in a New York minute ... I sware Demeur ... we have to be the biggest sucker's on earth ... and believe me ... this is all corporate interest's as well, everyone want's to mine the shit out of Afghanistan and as usual rape every resource it has ... and you of all people know this best! great piece Guy!