Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why do republicans want to kill grandma and the unemployed?

Unable to deliver more stimulus spending for President Barack Obama, Democrats in Congress had hoped to at least restore the jobless benefits. Obama has urged lawmakers to spend about $50 billion to help states pay for Medicaid programs and to avoid teacher layoffs, but Democrats in Congress have been unable to come up with the votes.

And why weren't they able to get the votes? Because every last republican voted against every bill that would have funded Medicaid and extended jobless benefits. A similar fight happened back in the 1930s but I guess back then people had a bit more empathy. Back then the wealthy were willing to kick in to help the country recover agreeing to tax hikes that got the country back on track. But back then I guess you could pay your doctor bill with a couple of chickens. Not so today where the costs keep going up. Remember there was the rush to jack up prices before any health care reform came into play and even after that bill passed the bean counters were able to squeeze in yet more increases.

At present there are 6 people for every job being offered and contrary to what they would have you believe many of the jobs are technical requiring either a degree or several years experience in a field. The McDonald's jobs went a long time ago, about a year and a half ago if memory serves correct. But if you ask a republican you'd think there was plenty of fry clerk jobs. Hell even all the fast food places are lowering their prices to get business.

Republicans seem to think that a person can go out and get a minimum wage job when people have a mortgage and car payment. Or maybe we could just move back in with our parents who died twenty or thirty years ago. Maybe that's their plan, to allow us to take up residence next to mom and dad at the family plot. Change the rules on cemeteries and let them stack the outcome of the Bush depression. Cremation is cheaper but I don't think we could afford the gas.

If they had their way republicans would eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, scrap Social Security and as we can see by them we're just unemployed lazy dogs. I'd love for them to be run out of office and have to get a "real" job and no going to their lobbying buddies for help. I'd love to see the look on the faces when they typed into the job search and those wonderful words spring up on their screen "sorry no jobs found".

Their plan? Lower taxes yet again for those at the top and privatize everything else thereby moving all that money to the top. Can't have a service of any kind without some executive making a multi seven figure salary now can we?

So just wrap me in a lawn sized Hefty bag and cart me out to the curb. When is pickup day?


an average patriot said...

I absolutely do not understand how they get away with it. I remember when Romney was stumping for McCain and he said we are the countries biggest enemy with social security and wanting to help everyone. I don't get it I thought that is the way it works.

Tim said...

We just spent over 60,000 for my son's education. He graduated very high in his class. A private school no less with a bachelor's of MFA.
Tomorrow he has an interview as a bank teller. 8.45 per hour.
Yeah something is very wrong.

BBC said...

If they had their way republicans would eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, scrap Social Security and as we can see by them we're just unemployed lazy dogs.

I don't know if they would like to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid or not but I have no problem with them not wanting to extend unemployment

I know a lot of people that took on two much for homes and such and are now milking it for all they can and not even looking for work.

Sure, a lot of folks may lose homes and such, but such is life in hard times. If my SS money disappears I'll still find enough work to get by, there's plenty of work around here for someone with my skills as long as I'm willing to work cheaper.

But hey, I helped employ a taxi driver last night after getting shit faced at the Eagles on my birthday.

BBC said...

I wonder sometimes what a bank teller makes, that's about minimum wage in this state. Crap, I charge 20 bucks an hour for my side jobs and can find plenty of people willing to pay it.

If I was young and starting out on life again I think I'd take up being a mechanic and carpenter again, there's always work for them, as long as they are willing to work outside on the union.

I only worked in a union job for about four years in all my years of working, but I always had a job.

Demeur said...

Well Billy you haven't seen anything like the current economy. The jobs I've seen have been listed for over a year now and they're temporary on call jobs. You can't pay your bills on promises. They wanted me to take a job as a mechanic but being just a little younger than you it would take about a year for the training and unemployment wouldn't cover me during the training. So what did they expect me to live on in the mean time? And I don't have a lot of expenses either.

an average patriot said...

Do not be concerned yet Tim! At least he has a start. One of my nieces started as a teller and at 35 she was managing 3 banks.

Tom Harper said...

This is why Republicans want to kill Grandma and the unemployed:

Unemployed/broke people don't have any money to spend, and this will cause the economy to sink even further. In November, Republicans can blame Democrats for the wrecked economy. If all goes according to plan, millions of inbreds will fall hook line and sinker for the Republican's blame game.

Ranch Chimp said...

It's their nature these day's .... without creating friction, anger, and such, regardless if it's them directly or not .... they have no hope, because they are in a downslope (GOP)... it's only desperation. What really aggravated me at a time, was around 2002 (I believe) I was getting unemployment from a compnay that basically went under due to economic miseries on small businesses (printing/ graphic art's) about dec.15th or so that year ... a million of us needed extension's or run out in a week, the dem's were actually for it (I voted for Bush I may add in 2000), but Pres.Bush vetoed it, and we all got cut off the next week ... noit even one extension, which would have cost $5 billion. The next month (january) Pres.Bush said that they needed $185 billion for Iraq ... it passed easy, a year later .... $12 cbillion of that in cash shrinkwrapped (cash because bank's there were inoperable) ended up missing, and never heard nothing else about that cash ... this is true too.

After voting straight republican for a almost a few decade's ... 2004 I started voting straight democrat.

Later Guy ..........