Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

Every year it's the same routine. But this year is different. A list of the usual happenings on this day:

Kids start shooting of firecrackers a day or two in advance.
A parade with military band in the morning.
Some community celebration with games flags and bunting. Not to forget the pie eating contest.
Fire trucks on display and sometimes a firemens hose battle.
Family gatherings with hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and potatoe salad.
There's the firework injuries with full ERs. Who doesn't know of somebody who didn't hurt by one as a kid.
Lost dogs and cats who ran away as the noise fest started.
At least one house is set on fire from a stray rocket.

As I said this year is different:
Many fireworks displays were cancelled for lack of money. The one in Seattle almost didn't happen because the corporate sponsors pulled out. This after they got a bailout from the government and gave out hefty bonuses. It wasn't until local small businesses got together and with the help of small private donations the show will go on.
Many community celebrations were cancelled.
There's been almost no fireworks being set off by kids in the area. I heard some about a week ago. Today is silent.
In years past people would talk about their work and families at gatherings. This year it will be who's working and how long you've been out of work. Who's still managing to keep their kids in school. Who's been sick and how they'll pay for it.
It's cold here high of 64 and there's a chance of rain. Kind of punctuates the entire mood here.

Just what is that cat drinking? It's tempting but I'll pass because I know how he'll feel tomorrow.


S.W. Anderson said...

Here on the East Side, big annual festivities in our downtown park will be held. Tonight there will be fireworks, although I think they're to be scaled back a bit.

I sense the general mood is less lighthearted, and I haven't seen exuberance about much of anything all year. What can be heard fairly often are remarks to the effect that things could alway be worse, which I guess is meant to both console and reassure.

Our weather has been one long siege of below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation all year. We'll get one, two or three days of clear, warm and sunny weather. Then it goes cloudy, chilly, windy and wet on us again. And it stays that way for anywhere from two or three days to six weeks or more. Last night I had to wear a jacket outside. This morning, a sweater. I like my town and area for many things, but climate isn't one of them.

Demeur said...

We've had about the same weather here except the warm spells never got to 75 degrees. The best thing about living here besides the ocean and the mountains is that it almost never snows here. Rain yes but as we like to say you don't have to shovel rain.

Tim said...

Hot around 95 here.
We don't celebrate the 4th here in my family. I won't bore you with the reasons.
I certainly don't mind if others do.
So you all have a good one..

Tom Harper said...

I needed a jacket for last night's fireworks celebration. But that's OK; it doesn't make me wish I was back in California with those F%&!#%$!! heat waves that went on and on and on.