Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Busy shoveling out the rat hole here before fall and winter weather hits. We should have a few more nice days before the rain comes.

So Glen Beck thinks 99ers are a bunch of foreigners does he? Don't get me started. That weasel would tell you his grandmother was an axe murderer if he thought he could make a nickle off of it. I truely wish progressive radio and TV would stop focusing on these guys because you know what happens when you ignore somebody? They go away. I'm beginning to think that a good chunk of Fox viewers are just progressives looking for the topic d jour. As if we don't have enough problems without having to listen to a bunch of undereducated monkeys spout lies.

I'll go into that topic later as I've found out what's really going on. Really need to get going as somehow my posessions have magically cloned themselves since the last time I cleaned out the storage.


Randal Graves said...

I tried ignoring the gas company but that just forced me to gather wood.

an average patriot said...

I saw what Beck said and I am stupefied that I have family that love fox and that senseless idiot.

My wife loves clutter but I habitually throw everything away when she isn't looking. Good luck can't wait to hear what you found out about jobs.

BBC said...

I'm busy planning fall camping and boating trips. And collecting more stuff, anything in the garage I might want?

Demeur said...

If you need electronics Billy I'm your man. Have a resident computer whiz who collects everything electronic. I have five garbage bags of parts etc to go to recycle.