Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random rants

Who would vote Republican?
Let me see who are they against and who have they pissed off or offended?
4.The unemployed (we're just lazy slackers even thought we've done most of the work the last 30 years)
8.Small business
9.Scientists unless you support their non scientific ideals
11.The poor
12.Middle class
13.Anyone wealthy who disagrees with their positions.

So Robert Gibbs the White House press secretary was railing on progressives who got Obama his job. Saying that they wouldn't be happy even with Dennis Kucinich were in office. Somewhere in the comments was no promise of a public option in health care. I beg to differ had Mr. Gibbs bothered to read the Democratic platform set during the election. (And they think we have short memories) On page 10 of the democratic document it reads as follows:
Covering All Americans and Providing Real Choices
of Affordable Health Insurance Options. Families and
individuals should have the option of keeping the coverage they have or choosing from a wide
array of health insurance plans, including many private health insurance options and a public
(emphasis mine)

And in order to get the additional funding to keep state medicaid programs going the white house pandered once again to the right and cut funding for food stamps. A family of four will have it's benefits cut by $59 per month even while food prices have and will continue to go up.

So does this make me part of the professional left?


The Blog Fodder said...

You live in a strange country. Billions in tax-cuts for the rich. Trillions on a military to control your empire and nothing for the people.
Are you sure you live in a democracy?
Even China and Russia, the other two police states at least try to do better than that for their population.

Roger Owen Green said...

no, you just read and have a memory.
I'm fascinated, generally, how people (pick on Sarah Palin) that wite or say things that are CLEARLY factually wrong and yet need to be responded to, by the subject of her attacks, instead of - I don't know - the "liberal" press.

Tim said...

Blog Fodder, you need to write more stuff like this. I quote you!
Demeur, I have to tell ya brother,I think we're on our own. If this were my site I'd be cussing. F Obama and Gibbs. Once more we been lied to.
The next time Gibbs has an original thought he wants to share....just let it go.....
Roger, good stuff.

Randal Graves said...

I see you left out atheists. You're as bad as the goopers!

What's a democracy?

BBC said...

Who would vote Democrat? Not that I would vote Republican. But there isn't much difference in the house of smoke screens and mirrors.

Are you sure you live in a democracy?

Yes, a democracy where anyone gets to vote, it's like a lot of fucking nine year olds getting to run the place because they vote with the child component in them.

Demeur, I have to tell ya brother,I think we're on our own.

:-) :-) :-)

So he had better get his ass back to work for whatever he can make to keep getting by, it's what I always did until I retired.

Demeur said...

Nope I'm going to grow up to be a professional slacker. Why retire when there's no work anyway. We've already been retired early with no SS benies.

S.W. Anderson said...

Re: "Who would vote Republican?"

Let's not forget the supposed millions of parasitic slackers/overly eager troublemakers who work for big, bloated, badnastyevilawulterrible government.

I have to wonder about immirgants from Europe, especially France, who've become citizens. Republicans regularly disparage their homelands and peoples as socialist-slacker losers. (Ironically, many European citizens and economies are doing better than most Americans and our economy are.)

Re: Gibbs' nonsense.

It seems as though if you're a right-wing Republican, Team Obama comes at you with everything on the table and half of it pushed your way before the bargaining begins.

If you're liberal Democrat, you're supposed go around to the back door, wait quietly and be satisfied when dealing between the halfhearted and the heartless ends in another, "Well, it's better than nothing" result.