Monday, August 9, 2010

Ran into these idiots today

Dropping off a bill at the Post Office I ran into these idiots. They had a sign with "Save NASA" with a photo of Obama with Hitler mustache and "Impeach Obama". I told them that, " You're f***ing idiots." "You need to take a civics class". They looked at me like your dog looks at you when you scold them, cocked heads and blank stares. Come to find out they're part of that Lyndon LaRouche group of nut jobs. But I forgot they don't teach civics anymore in school.
What a lot of these groups fail to realize is that it's so easy to fact check and get the backgrounds on just about any subject in less than a second. Also that there is a record somewhere on the inertubes of what they said in the past. As for LaRouche I won't go there because he's so strange you couldn't make up his life and presidential runs if you took Xanax and drank a bottle of Jack.


MRMacrum said...

Now I'm wondering if Impeaching Obama might not just save NASA. Of course I am wondering what they need to be saved from. But if Lyndon seems to think this is a solution, hey, he's a sensible guy. And BTW what's Civics Class? A bunch of Honda owners who need help with manual shifters?

The Blog Fodder said...

I had to read up in him. Never heard of him before. You got many like that?

Demeur said...

Come on Mike you know nobody drives a stick anymore. And I know we went to high school about the same time so no pleading ignorance.

Fodder Unfortunately we do have a few nut jobs and some of them even hold public office or are trying to.

darkblack said...

'But I forgot they don't teach civics anymore in school.'

The beginning of the Fall, IMO.
When providing education regarding rights and responsibilities becomes unimportant, the rights themselves soon follow suit...and the responsibilities become snares for the unwary.


an average patriot said...

My sister and brother in law are some of those ass holes who wrongly say that shit. They have been at cape Canaveral for almost 30 years and ready to retire soon.

He is a launch commander her a nurse I keep telling them their asshole Bush ended this program before he left and Obama is starting a new program with more hiring. Like all the rest of the fools in this country they believe the lies instead.

BBC said...

I told them that, " You're f***ing idiots." "You need to take a civics class".

Define your idea of a proper civics class. Not everything is about us.

Sadly, Obama is just one of the members of the club now, too much money and too few brains but living the good life.

They may not like him but they'll hate the next president even more, it's just going that way.

On the other hand, I had an excellent fucking day here.

BBC said...

Come on Mike you know nobody drives a stick anymore.

Actually quite a few of them here.

Tom Harper said...

Port Angeles had that same wingtard demonstration in front of the post office. I didn't know it was part of any organized campaign, but that figures.

Randal Graves said...

I've seen plenty of Impeach Clinton, Impeach Chimpy, Impeach Obama, but I've never seen "Save NASA" as part of it.

Torresvzus said...

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