Wednesday, August 18, 2010

End of an Error

Last of the combat troops coming home from Iraq. Good their mission was done years ago. We don't need to be in the nation building business. We need to rebuild this country. Bush used the country credit card and we get stuck with the bill. I say we send the bill to the Bush family and the republican party who let him get away with it.
Had a bunch of other ideas for a post when this came on as a news alert. They have a couple of weeks to go through all the paperwork and other military BS before they get back here. Wait till they get home and find out there are no jobs to fill. They'll wonder what the hell they were fighting for. I give it a couple of weeks and we'll see the effects of PTSD. No job no challenges and no future prospects.
I see the convience store up the street is giving up. It's been there since I moved here some 30 years ago. A new oil change place moved in nearby. I see them standing there throwing a football around because they have no customers just like the last place. I give them a few more months and they'll be gone.
I called the boss yesterday because he said there'd be work soon. He lied. He's laying everybody off because there's no work yet. So I looked through all the job search engines only to find stuff that I'm not qualified for like systems anaylist, electrical engineer or production supervisor with 5 years experience. Even looked through Craig's list. There's a lot of scams there. Wanted worker with own box truck and tools. If I had a box truck and tools why would I need them expecially when they were only going to pay minimum wage? I've seen too many scams like that over the years. I should have sold lemonade when the weather was hot.


Tim said...

A lot of my buddies on line have lost their jobs. You know some of them. Hell your one of them. I fear this is not the end in site they talk about but the beginning. My Son the college grad. just found work. He works in a tobacco store. Retail seems the only thing hiring. Of course retail pays shit. Even the local Walmart is cutting back, all the full time people and ones with seniority. It's obvious why.
My other Son is doing well, he has his own repair garage. People are fixing their cars instead of upgrading them. He's bitching because he can't keep up. it's a tale of two Countries right here in ours. Damn shame. Chances are those soldiers coming home will be deployed to Afghanistan in a few months. Some will volunteer to go, just for the paycheck.

Shelly Rayedeane said...

I hate Bush. He is the biggest glich of all.

Keep it covered up and kill it.

Shelly Rayedeane said...


I meant the ugly bitch is a gliche

The Blog Fodder said...

I'm confused about this nation building business. I thought you were in the nation destroying business.

Coming home to a non-hero's welcome and adding to the jobless. You are right. They will volunteer for Afghanistan.

an average patriot said...

Sorry about the job search, I can only keep hoping it will pan out eventually.

I heard McCain say we won that one. We won shit! Those people are living in a hell Bush created for them that will encompass the entire middle east.

Those troops will be back with friends and for more than just Iraq. Besides, Americans will be fooled into thinking Combat troops are gone but there are 50000 trainers are there. Every soldier regardless of job when needed is a combat troop.

an average patriot said...

Tim my youngest left Iraq a month ago and went directly to Afghanistan. I talked to him yesterday and he is manning the 50 cal on top of a Humvee. Much of what he said I did not know. I was amazed at how much he was making there. Yeah they'll volunteer for extra combat he did.

Randal Graves said...

Have you thought about joining the army? I'm sure the next war is rarin' to go.

Demeur said...

Tim at least he has an income. I know how that works too. They work all the regulars overtime and work the newbies part time so they don't have to pay benefits.

Shelly yeah we've been Bushwacked that's for sure.

Fodder With Afghanistan we didn't have to destroy it first. The Russians did a good job of it before we got there.

Jim I though about going there some years back but then they started cutting off heads of contractors and I thought better.

Randal I'm way past the age of joining the military. And anyway the next war will be with robots. Let's enlist Craig Fergeson's Robot Skeleton Army.

Tom Harper said...

"We need to rebuild this country." Not so fast there, commie. Pakistan needs billions of dollars, according to the U.S. Envoy. And we need billions more for Afghanistan, subsidies to Blackwater, etc.

BBC said...

I should have sold lemonade when the weather was hot.

You would do better with blended mixed drinks.

I don't think that we are done in Iraq by a long shot, spending money anyway. Are all the contractors also leaving?

It's our money paying for all that shit, not theirs.

Damn, I haven't seen Shelly Rayedeane around for some time, she's fucking bat shit crazy ya know. But at least she hates Bush.

If you are using a tracker, and I haven't paid any attention to if you do or not, she's the one using the Blackberry service.

BBC said...

So I'm over at Helen's place, a woman that went through the great depression and I'm telling her about all the whining on the internet about how bad things are and she said something like.

"If they can afford high speed internet they are not even close to hurting yet."

Yeah, good point, are maybe they are just really stupid for paying for high speed internet instead of doing what they should be doing with their money.

If I had it real bad I would drop my high speed internet like a hot rock and just post from the library when I could.

Demeur said...

Hey Tom let em pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Isn't that the 'merican way?

BBC said...

He's bitching because he can't keep up.

Yup, I turn down auto repairs all the time cuz I'd rather fuck around.

Demeur said...

Billy most everything I have is paid off so I don't have much in the way of bills. It would cost about as much to drive to the library to use the free internet. And today you need the net to look for work. Things have changed since the great depression. And no I don't even have a cell phone.

S.W. Anderson said...

I like the idea of billing the Bush family and GOP. They wouldn't pay it, but if it appeared the government was serious about trying to collect, the Bushes, at least, might relocate to Paraguay. That's probably a safe distance.

Dave Dubya said...

We ain't ever leavin' Iraq. Mercenaries and 50,000 troops are still there.