Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Friday

My resident computer expert discovered that there was some bad memory (kind of like me) in this little computer that was making it near impossible to move around the net. It now appears to be fixed. The management thanks you for your patience.

Banks fails later.
Eight banks hit the skids this week 2 in FL 1 each in IL and Va and 4 in CA. These all look to be small community banks. Not a good sign.


BBC said...

My computer is getting screwed up also but I doubled the memory in it when I bought it so I still struggle along okay when some nasty hacks aren't screwing with it.

That beaver appears to have a red belly button, is that what you push when you want to turn it on?

Tim said...

If you ever have the opportunity,
Check out Macs...You don't have to do a thing. None of that silly defraging or clearing out of Cookies..none of that. Kind of expensive but they last a long time. We have 3..The oldest is 10 years old. Maybe you'll hit the lottery or something..

S.W. Anderson said...

Glad you found the source of the problem. Memory problems can be maddening.

Your mascot looks as much like a woodchuck as a beaver. Maybe it's just these old eyes. :)

Demeur said...

This thing is ancient. It's a laptop my resident expert got me for $6 out of the "as is" bin so I can't complain. Main computer is a Mac but I have a computer pig in the house who never gets off. Oh and I don't do Windoze so it's not the software.

How else could I tie in beaver and computer SW?