Wednesday, August 25, 2010

U.S. Navy and G4, open mouth insert foot


Cameras to Follow Explosive Ordnance Disposal Combat Platoon From San Diego Training Through Actual Missions in Afghanistan Via Exclusive United States Navy Access Agreement

Los Angeles, CA, August 24, 2010 - Last year, the Academy Award-winning film "The Hurt Locker" introduced audiences around the globe to the high-pressure world of the brave men and women who diffuse and dismantle explosives in some of the most high-pressure terrorist hotbeds. However, when it comes to this specialized and incredibly dangerous military job, make believe is nothing compared to the real thing. Now for the first time, G4 will take viewers to Afghanistan with real members of the United States Navy who have trained extensively to face the specialized challenges that come with this high-risk military position and are honored to wear the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) badge. This is action, suspense and drama unlike anything captured on film before and failure is never an option. Produced by Big Fish Entertainment, under a special agreement with the United States Navy, "Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan" is slated to premiere spring 2011.
(via Futon Critic)

Let me interject: This is not some latest version of "lost" or "survivor". This is real life folks. The "loser" here can lose his/her life. There was no mention of just how they'd deal with an actual explosion during the course of the program. This is a very bad attempt at a 21st century version of the Colosseum. The troops have their hands full with missions at hand. They don't need to be made a spectacle for some network's ratings.
I encourage all to drop a line to G4 and let them know what you think. I could expect as much from a profit seeking network exec. The Navy should have know better.


S.W. Anderson said...

You're right, this takes the reality show concept too far.

While in the AF, I worked with an ex-EOD guy. He cross-trained out of it after five years and one too many of his buddies going home in pieces. He said it wasn't so much fear of him being the next to go, but a combination of upset over losing buddies and guilt-like feelings about why was he still OK when others had died.

This NCO had amazing knowledge of explosives and devices of many kinds. His skills included the ability to pick locks. He could've emptied the dispensary of controlled drugs if he had been of a mind to. He once demonstrated, but immediately closed and locked the cabinet. That blew me away.

The Blog Fodder said...

Cheaper than the Colosseum. The lions won't eat all the prophets.

Tim said...

I heard about this on KOs show or Rachel's. They said this was tried when right after 911 most people were War crazy. The show bombed. With this one I hope it never airs.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Demeur!

An interesting read for me ... because I havent heard a damn thing about any of this, but it does make you think what's wise and who is gaining what. But disarming of and disposal of bomb's, and even especially nuke's (being more concern to me)has alway's been a concern for me and questioned. Unlike yourself, I have no knowledge whatsoever even in disposal of any hazzard's, so these plutonium/ uranium mixture's and other's concern me too. As far as the movies ... no, I havent seen them or any I reckon in sometime, just never get to movies much I reckon. But thanx for the looksie here, for eye opening.

Demeur said...

Toying with words guys? "That blew me away." And the show "bombed" "Eat all the prophets". Did I miss something? What is this national pun day?

Actually RC nukes are fairly easy and safe to dismantal although I don't know the exact proceedure.

Randal Graves said...

@the blog fodder, hahahahahaha!

Give America a decade or two, I'm sure all that Colosseum death matching will be Must See TV.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I think on my site I just mentioned to you or Tim my son Jim's plans for Afghanistan. He took over the EOD school from an inadequate retired SEAL. They brought him there to restore and rebuild the school. He trained all branches civilians included and all NATO countries.

Mission accomplished there they gave him 1.5 million to finish building a new air force EOD school so they can be separate as the other branches are passing inferior people to be killed.

The new school house will amongst other things train 7th level which are leaders for combat. Jim will lead that school for now. One his fans is a retired cmsgt and civilian EOD employee.

He was a cop in mid 70s Germany along side yours truly before he transferred. Anyway those guys do not need or want anyone around annoying them. They truly are a different breed. I have heard many stories over the years between Asia and the two wars but nothing compare4d to the pictures he showed me when he was here.