Monday, July 18, 2011

Good grief these guys don't even make good janitors

(Editors' note: No good photos to post but if you've seen one BP spill you've pretty much seen them all)

BP that wonderful oil giant who's so concerned about safety and the environment just leaked between 2100 and 4200 gallons of a mixture of methanol and oily water onto the Alaskan tundra. This was a maintenance operation that went wrong. You'd think that after three such incidents and two that involved loss of life that they would be anal about safety. That doesn't seem to be the case.

BP does it again

It's a good thing they don't run a bar. They'd spill your drink on the floor and blame it on you or some other lame reason like the dangerous peanut shells they had to negotiate getting to your table.

Call me stupid but don't they run a robot through the line first to check for bad spots?

Maybe it's time to nationalize their operations here in the U.S. or maybe give the contract to one of the other big boys with a better safety record. Oops I forgot Exxon just polluted a river just a few weeks ago. As the church lady would say "Never mind". I know if a family member of mine smashed the car three times or more they wouldn't be driving anything I owned.

Let's see the "drill baby drill" crowd try to spin this one.


BBC said...

Rick's kids are city raised idiots with no respect for cars, he bought his daughter a decent car and she had it shot in less than six months.

Then he lent his nice Sable to his son and when a water hose started leaking on the freeway he just kept driving it until he got home.

The Ford dealer said it likely had cracked heads, Rick had it towed back over here, luckily it didn't have cracked heads, and the kid isn't getting the car back.

Those kids are likely future BP employees.

an average patriot said...

This is the one besides the Gulf that peeves me. What the hell is a pipeline doing under there anyway? They lie like the gulfg, how much is or was spilled? Yellowstone River oil spill shows dangers of even riskier ...
What the F is wrong with us?

BBC said...

What the F is wrong with us?

We want cheap gas?

Demeur said...

Maybe you should set up a still and brew your own gas Billy. You could do no worse than these guys.

BBC said...

Stills don't make gas, as such, Crackers (and additives) make gas.

I could make methanol with a still but if it was that easy everyone would be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Billy, I think you're already full of gas.