Sunday, July 31, 2011

Just great

You have your choice of being screwed, being screwed or being screwed. Some choices huh?

Here's a quick break down between cancer and leprosy the parties are preposing:

A.Reduces deficit by $915 billion over 10 years B.Reduces deficit by $2.2 trillion over 10 years
A.Discretionary funding caps starting at $1.04 trillion and rising to $1.23 trillion/year B.Discretionary funding caps starting at $1.05 trillion and rising to $1.23 trillion/year
A. Establish procedures to consider balanced budget amendment B. More spectrum licenses, agricultural producer payment cuts
A. Pell Grant, student loan program changes B. Pell Grant, student loan program changes
A. Lifts debt ceiling by up to $2.5 trillion in stages B. Lifts debt ceiling by $2.7 trillion
A. Creates joint committee for more deficit reduction B. Creates joint committee for more deficit reduction

Gee why didn't the waitress at the Chinese restaurant think of this menu? Take any pick from column A and any pick from column B or any combination of picks and you land up with nearly the exact same order. Yet in this case those offering this menu get to eat in the VIP lounge while the rest of us must forage for scrapes out of the dumpster in the back.

Budget vote or no budget vote we're screwed.

And exactly why there can be no balanced budget amendment? Because like any individual, organization, family , or group there are emergencies in which case money must be borrowed to cover losses. Just have a major car accident or major car trouble and see what happens. You think you'll get a new car out of the deal? Think the insurance will get you back on the road? If you have a loan on the car they pay the book value of the car minus the deductible and you get stuck paying the balance of the loan (always greater than its' value) plus you'll need money for a down payment on a new (er) car. Don't have a couple of grand lying around for the down? You'll have to borrow that as well.

So by this little glimpse into the budget bills being proposed you can see we now have two parties that are exactly the same. Serving their corporate masters by socking it to the people. And for those of the upper elite on lifes' ladder it doesn't matter what happens because they hold all the cards and soon if things don't change they'll own the whole casino.


Four Dinners said...

Excuse me!!!! You can't beat being well screwed!!!! I've spent most of my life trying to get well screwed!!!

What's wrong with yer???





Wrong screwed.



Demeur said...

Seem to recall some university students getting screwed over there and not being too happy about it. Yeah wrong screwed.

BBC said...

Out here in the boondocks they are starting to try to control our fucking water, as if we have no right to all this free water here.

They want us to put meters on our personal wells so they can see how much we use.

I predict that in not too many years they'll want us to pay for the water we use from the wells we own.

And there's talk about taxing us for the water that runs off of our roofs. WTF? Any water hitting my roof is my fucking water, you go to hell, I'll do what I want with it.

Demeur said...

Seeing as how that is not a public utility I'd rip that meter off and tell them where they can shove it.

Tom Harper said...

Out of those 3 choices, I think I'd like to be screwed.

BBC said...

if things don't change they'll own the whole casino.

But they'll let us play in it.

Randal Graves said...

I'd like some General Tso's chicken, please.

Heh, BBC reminded me of out here. Use less water, use less water. So, the county has used less water, save the planet, hug your trees & neighbors. In reply, rates are going up.