Monday, August 1, 2011

Too pissed for words but here's a few anyway

You know the scenario. The boss rolls into work a half an hour late and starts barking orders without even knowing what's going on. He doesn't know that the pipe overhead is about to break and workers have been scrambling to find the equipment and materials to fix a potentially bad problem. Don't bother to read the building blue prints or even follow any type of standard procedure for emergency situations.
This is management at it's worst or should I say government at it's worst. Never in the history of the United States has such a process taken place. I take that back. When the Patriot Act was put in place no one had a chance to read the bill fully before it was given a rubber stamp by Bush and company. No one knew exactly what the bill meant until days later when much of our constitution was used as toilet paper.
And now we have a budget bill passed by people who have lost touch with working America. And I'm talking about both parties. We now know what side their bread is buttered for they sure don't stand with us. Four trillion dollars in cuts to domestic programs and we are barely out of a recession. For most the recession continues with high unemployment and no future in site. Those at the top don't seem to equate budget dollars with the people who will be thrown out of work when this bill kicks in. The only bright spot (snark) will be for the twelve chosen few to decide future budget cuts (hand picked by the thugs in congress). Think about that for a minute. The chicken shits in congress don't even have the balls to come up with future budgets because they don't want to offend their corporate masters. Because you know when it's all said and done that taxes will have to be raised and those at the top will have to pay or they too will face a crumbling infrastructure just like the rest of us. A corporate jet won't do much good if the runway is full of potholes and the guys in the control tower have been laid off.

Stand up for me? Hell you haven't done it yet why would I expect you to start now? The caver in chief strikes again. Gave them everything they wanted and more.

So now we have the Rethuglicons and the Demorats running the show. And the next political call I get from a live person is going to get an earful and wish he'd never have called.


S.W. Anderson said...

Your disgust is more than justified. Somehow I knew when Obama vowed he wouldn't allow the deficit reduction that must be done to be done on the backs of the poor, the old and the sick that that was exactly what he'd end up allowing.

Sure enough.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Demeur ... I can look at the brighter side being at least now, they all made themselves clear enough without question of where they stand up there, so therefore there should be no excuse for voter's to vote rationally and turn out in record number's at the poll's in 2012. This all has certainly changed my former support for the Democrat Party as well as the President now (unless this is only a show by the President to raise the ceiling and he uses his veto power's over the next day or two, to veto alot of the raform's their talking about, I dont know yet, where this is or what's all in the proposed legislation's, and what the President will do next). I have supported this President strongly though since his first campaigning, because of his talk and what he said he stood for, etc ... but frankly he's proven to be very weak so far, therefore I cannot support him anymore ... weakness promote's defeat. I can tolerate the small social issue's on simple stuff like sex issue's, morality, etc ... cause those issue's never meant much to me, being that I do whatever I want sexually and morally and never cared about what other's do or think of me, dont care about muslim's, christian's, or any of the other nation's that rule on religion, except staying away from them and keeping their vierw's out of my home and around my children grand children, I dont care to fight for them in their countries, and dont care if they fight amongst themselves, that's their fight and choice, but not for my money as far as I'm concerned. But I cant support anything this severe that has to do with money in large amount's, that's just too serious of an issue with me. And just telling me that he made it for gay's to be able to say their gay openly in the service, is NOT good enough (If I'm gay, I'd just say it whether it's illegal or not, I dont care basically, or about petty law's that try to restrict me, and jail time doesnt bother me much)... I dont care if their gay or not, or a foot fetishist or talk about it ... it's a meaningless issue for the most part with me, just like religion, morality, etc ... basically meaningless, or frankly dont give a rat's ass about god, or whether it (he/ she) exist's or not ... I dont care about those who dont perform either especially, and these politician's dont perform ... meaning their worthless pretty much.

Randal Graves said...

Right on, except for the part about caving. The dums aren't caving, they're in the same boat as the goopers, which is a much nicer boat than the one us shlubs are pailing water out of.

Until Obama's second term when he unleashes 72-dimensional chess powers! Woo!

S.W. Anderson said...

Ranch Chimp, I know how you feel. But before you vow to not support Obama no matter what, consider carefully that things could be much worse. They were much worse under Bush, and Republicans can't wait to retake the White House and Senate so they can continue what he was doing.

Republicans want to turn Social Security over to Wall Street, Medicare over to the insurance industry, Medicaid over to the states, many of which can't afford it, and finally, rig elections so Republicans can keep power forever.

Sometimes the best you can do is all you can do. For now, if you're not rich, Republican, or both, that means supporting Obama.

BBC said...

Maybe you should back off a bit from things you can't fix and just talk about what you are doing?

Leave fixing this country to the youth, it's their future.

BBC said...

therefore there should be no excuse for voter's to vote rationally and turn out in record number's at the poll's in 2012.