Thursday, August 4, 2011

My little rant for the day

Well now that our congress critters or should I say vermin have made a boatload of money by holding this country hostage ( I'd love to see for the record who in congress bought short positions in the market before they finished raping the country). It's time to look for the next victim / bubble. They still didn't quite manage to get their hooks into Social Security although they sure gave it the old college try. If memory serves correct they did make a good gash in Medicare and Medicaid. Since they could not totally dismantle the program they'll make it bleed to death by cutting it in non obvious ways. Cut funding to doctors and just try and find a doctor who will provide service. But I believe their hatched plan will backfire when seniors have no choice but to hit the emergency room for their primary care when no one else will see them. Nothing like killing the patient by draining his/her bank account eh?
Then there is the threat of military cuts by the grand committee of budgetdom. If you believe that then you also believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. Think about it for a minute. Who has the greatest lobby power in congress aside from the NRA? And funny how it was a republican (Eisenhower) who warned us of this fate some 50 years ago.
At the rate we're going the old Taliban government of Afghanistan (remember before we invaded?) will sound tame compared to the direction this country is going. Mention the term "women's' health" at any clinic and it's imediately assumed that abortions are provided there.
And the chicken shits are too scared to hold town hall meetings because they know they'd get bitch slapped by their constituents.
I think Bernie Sanders was right when he said it's time for a third party to hold the other two in check. We need a peoples' party that acts in the best interest of the working men and women of this country and aren't beholden to some corporate master. And I'm starting to hear it more and more as time goes by.


Randal Graves said...

A third party will never be allowed to have a say, but what bothers me most is you lumping the innocent vermin in with the truly grotesque.

Toxic Drums said...

Krikey it's beginning to sound like little England over there. I totally agree with you about a third party but if it is anything like England - or should I say the UK or even GREAT Britain - it's all a sham anyway. I must say I am somewhat amused by our farce at the moment. Poor old Nick Clegg doesn't get a look in. He seems more like a pet dog.

S.W. Anderson said...

"I'd love to see for the record who in congress bought short positions in the market before they finished raping the country."

Eric Cantor, the insipid Republican House majority leader, does. I did a post about it June 29th. He's probably not the only one.

I think we need a liberal insurgency to take the Democratic Party back to representing working people, farmers and small-business owners. Easier said than done, but if conservative extremists and Astroturf hirelings can take over the GOP, liberals should be able to take over the Democratic Party.

BBC said...

I think that the more parties there are the bigger the mess will become, the third party will have their own greedy ways and self interests.

I think there shouldn't be any parties, just people that want to do right.

I'm a cheerleader for the hopefully coming rebellion. GO TEAM !!!

Jerry Critter said...

They are exempt from insider trading regulations.

Demeur said...

No we need the vermin to do battle with the grotesque.

Liberal Democrats? Are there any left? We only have two Sanders and Kocinich and they look like sideline announcers at a rugby match.

I'd love that too SW but with all the money perverting the process it's not going to happen.

Yeah Billy all you need is a cow and you can sell them butter and ammo.

Jerry something I either forgot or am a little fuzzy about.

Jerry Critter said...

Here is a reference.

S.W. Anderson said...

"Liberal Democrats? Are there any left? We only have two Sanders and Kocinich and they look like sideline announcers at a rugby match."

Not really. The Congressional Progressive Caucus currently consists of 80 progressives, including 77 voting representatives, two nonvoting delegates and one senator. More here.

Although many senators choose not to join the caucus, for reasons not clear to me, you can count among Senate progressives Barbara Boxer, Sherrod Brown, Carl Levin, Al Franken, Tom Harkin, John Kerry, Amy Klobuchar, Frank Lautenberg, Pat Leahy, Bob Menendez, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Jack Reed, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Stabenow, Sheldon Whitehouse and Ron Wyden. Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Jon Tester probably belong on the list as well.

There might be more; I'm just not that familiar with all of them and their voting records.

Plus — and this is a welcome development — Alan Grayson is running for Congress again in 2012.

Ranch Chimp said...

I dont know who you sound more like, me or Infidel ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you know Infidel dont you ... ya'll have alot in common actually :)