Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Republicans are heartless bastards

There I said it. And it's true if you look at the facts.

They don't want people having any kind of rights unless it benefits them their corporate masters or their chosen few.
That little weasel Rob McKenna would love nothing more than to take away your grandmothers' medical and the medical coverage for thousands of sick and disabled folk. But they'd give you a little chit to buy medical coverage they say. Only problem is that by rolling back the Affordable Health Care bill would eliminate those with pre-existing conditions. You're getting treatment and if they had their way you'd be cut off. Five or eight thousand bucks a year wouldn't begin to cover any health insurance. And there's the other thing. They keep calling it Obama Care. It's not. Obama had little to do in writing this bill other than sign his name to it after 'they' put it together and sent it to his desk. And that is the truth.

They want the right to bargain for their pay check and benefits while denying everybody else. They think taxes are for the little people and not them. They want everybody else to pay for their corporate jets while public transportation is cut. They want a good education for their children while denying everyone else.

"Take back our country"? Yes you better believe we better take back our country before they turn it into something that looks like 19th century America with no child labor laws, people being fired for getting sick and if your house caught fire you hoped your neighbors were around to help man the water buckets. Back then when a family hit hard times they'd end up in the 'poor house' only now people won't even have that option because funding was cut. Charles Dickens couldn't have imagined a harsher picture of America in his wildest dreams. And all the while corporate America sits on 2 trillion dollars of profits yet that just doesn't seem to be enough. Well the question is then how much is enough?

Maybe it's time we shut down America and maybe they'd listen because all they seem to care about is money and the only way to get their attention is for us to take it away from them. No need for bloody messy riots.

And that's my rant for the day


Randal Graves said...

I'm sure the dums would get right on fixing things if those gooper death-stares weren't so scary.

BBC said...

Rights, I try to stay under the radar and do my own thing. I don't need no fucking permits.

Ranch Chimp said...

Again ... you sound just like me and Infidel ... I asked you before ... you know Infidel, eh? never got an answer though ... ya'll seem so much alike :)

As far as the posting ... just stuff I been writing too all along :)

Tom Harper said...

Hey, no dissing Rob McKenna. Didn't you know, this is Be Kind To Dorks Week.

BBC said...

Who in the hell is Infidel?

Who in the hell is Rob McKenna?

Provide links !!!

Demeur said...

Links links? we don't need no stinkin links. Do we guys?

Yes I've read Infidel once or twice but time at the moment is limited. And how about that Rick Perry and his religious circus? They need a special booby hatch for his lot.

S.W. Anderson said...

You've definitely got their number, Demeur. I'm not sure shutting down our country would bother them that much. After trashing our economy, they're investing more and more elsewhere.