Saturday, August 27, 2011

DO NOT panic (okay so everybody panics)

I'm really starting to think that we're reaching a new level of stupid. The masses have been dumbed down from too many years of non thinkery (as Randal would call it). When danger rears it's ugly head the rubes are unable to hear those two magical words that just might extend their life cycle a few more years. Do Not means just that but somehow the understanding of those words has been bred out of the species. Like children hearing the phrase it means just the opposite. Do not touch means touch. But for adults it may be that an overexposure to warnings has resulted in their becoming meaningless. Much like the repetition of any word or phrase results in the mind creating a blank at it's repetition.
Warning labels - The paper industry must take delight in the latest requirements. A simple bottle of aspirin now seems to demand more precautions than a space launch. Soon the packaging will far outweigh the product or require instructions of Britannic proportions. And at that rate then, hell I'll just wait till the headache goes away on it's own. Then there's the other drugs who's side effects far outweigh even the smallest of benefits.
Warning announcements - Weather warnings are given on a daily basis around the globe. For the most part nothing serious happens and these events never make headline news. But it seems everybody loves a disaster. Especially those that think it will never happen to them. They are the idiots who think nothing of trying to ride a bicycle off a roof and wonder why they've broken both legs and an arm as their reward. But I guess in their minds it makes for good Youtube.
Then there's the poor schmuck who's assignment desk has sent him out to cover the "Big Storm". Nothing worse than having to load up and drive to the beach to get buffeted by high winds and soaked by torrential rains. And if you've seen one news guy knocked over by the wind you've seen them all.
Have I become jaded by these events? Maybe so because the focus is on the fear and the anticipation of disaster and not the real human events. Never or rarely do we see what became of the little old lady who's house was leveled. Or how she was going to make it financially. No, for the news it's on to the next (fill in the next devastating event here). I think we've developed too high a tolerance for destruction and mayhem. We've bought into the myth that the news must be spectacular and entertaining. Isn't that what the Romans did just before their downfall?


Randal Graves said...


Only station heads should be permitted to report live from the edge of a hurricane.

S.W. Anderson said...

Part of what you're seeing is the filling in of cable TV's incredible appetite for content. It can't all be Zumba Dance and Perfect Breasts Without Surgery infomercials.

As for jerks riding bicycles off of rooftops, that's nature's way of tidying up the gene pool. ;)

Demeur said...

And only spending cutting rethuglicons should be there to help with the clear up.

No that's the new requirement to fill Youtube from kids with too much time on their hands.