Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's get ready to Tuuumble

The European markets are getting their noses bloodied and it looks like Asia is following suit. Not that I much care at this point because I can't do anything about it anyway. My little nest egg was put in medium term CDs before the storm hit anyway back when CDs were actually paying more than penny candy.
So it looks like the rethuglicons want to crash the financial markets. Just cut everything down to nothing until we end up looking like Somalia. For their own sake I hope they're having bulletproof glass installed in their cars and homes because they'll need it when they see how the Somali government works or just tries to survive. And if you own a Mercedes or a Lexus you might consider trading it in on a small pick up, lest you be mistaken for one of the Wall Street boys. I can almost imagine it now. It won't be Bubba cruising with his machine gun mounted on the pick up, it'll be middle America who's not only out of work and had all the safety nets pulled from under them but their home foreclosed and now the IRA went up like a puff of smoke.

And in other stranger news the orange goo found in Alaska turns out to be eggs. But scientists don't know exactly what kind of eggs. Slipping on the tin foil hat it's been known that we are now experiencing the Northern lights caused by solar flares. But we know better. Them Ruskies have been working on some pretty strange experiments since the 60s, ESP and all that stuff. Secret sources say that they're moving their entire population to Siberia while they secretly are controlling the weather. Notice the temps in Texas? Guess Putin wants to get back at Bush for calling him evil. Okay then if it isn't the Russians then how about aliens. No not Mexicans I mean from outer space. Came down here to deposit their eggs to start a new colony. Pretty soon we'll all start to turn orange. Oh no the speaker of the house has already turned orange. He must be their leader. They're taking over like a plague. Run for your lives before it's too late. Ooops nowhere to run to nowhere to hide. What will we do? What will we do? (hey you already said that). (Ah shut up and get on with it then) (The joys of arguing with oneself)
Stay tuned to find out if the orange eggs really hatch and the orange man turns on his constituents and starts eating them.

The results of overwork and too much caffeine.
See Randal I can write a lame post with the best of them.


Randal Graves said...

My nest egg is made out of a nest and an egg, and my lame is lamer than your lame, you lame-o.

an average patriot said...

Repugs tea partiers or not will be happy with total collapse of everything they did to blame it on Obama and nothing less as you saw and see going on right now. It really pisses me off to see them get away with it.

BBC said...

What ever.

Demeur said...

Billy's all set in his retirement. He's invested heavily in ammo.

BBC said...

Hopefully, I'll never use that ammo. I'm mostly set because I wisely learned how to live on little and be okay with it.

I'm okay with a crash of the financial markets, they have to topple over before this mess can be fixed, if it even can be fixed.

BBC said...

Need gun powder? Will trade for food or sex, hahaha